October 7, 2008

I'm Free for a Few Hours

Since I didn't work last night and the kids were scheduled to go to daycare anyway, I decided to take them and use today to get some stuff done. I only feel a little guilty, but we have to pay for the day whether they are there or not. Plus, I slept like crap because of this cold I have. I just couldn't quit coughing. I've coughed so much, all the muscles in my torso are sore and I swear I strained a muscle in my stomach. So I need a nap. And Clara would be upset because she wants to go play with her friends. And I had thawed out 2 bottle of breastmilk for Isaiah, and I didn't want them to go to waste. So I took them. Every once in a while, a mom's just gotta have a day to herself, whether to relax, or to get things. done. I'm cleaning and plan on either bombing for bugs one more time today, or I might do that tomorrow. We'll see. I've gotten a lot done already. I've cleaned every room on the mail lever from top to bottom, except the kitchen, cleaned the basement, which was nasty and took an hour. I haven't mopped, but I'll do that after the bug bomb. And I finally got my letter to Isaiah written. I know it's not a new idea, but I decided to do this after Jacob was born when I was planning my SIL baby shower. I had passed out cards for everyone to write a letter to her unborn baby, with the idea that she could open a card on every birthday and see how excited everyone was before she was born. Unfortunately, she was stillborn, but her parents have those cards and notes as memories. So I decided that should something happen to me before my children are grown, and even if I live to be 100, I wanted them to have a glimpse of what their mom was like as a new mom. I just hadn't gotten the time until today, but I have typed up all I want to say. Now I just have to write it all. I want it to be in my own handwriting, for a more personal touch. After I get that done, I have a card I'll put the letter in and seal it in an envelope and put it in his baby box. I haven't decided when I'll give the kids these letters I've written for them (Jacob and Clara also have one), but since they are still young and can't read yet, I figure I have some time to decide. So I'm enjoying my free day, even though I'm cleaning. Right now, though, I think I'll eat some lunch, uninterrupted, take a bath, uninterrupted and then take a nap before I pick Jacob up from school and Clara and Isaiah from daycare.

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Taking Heart said...

I would love a day like that. Glad you got a much needed break... letters sound like a great idea. Especially handwritten... that is so personal in a world of keyboards.