October 15, 2008

Time to unwind

After a couple of crazy, hectic weeks here in the Lochia household, things are quieting down. I think, anyway. Work this weekend was hectic, with me being in charge more often than I'd like. I swear our regular nightshift charge nurses never work anymore. My husband thinks I should be flattered that they put me in charge so often, but it's a hassle. Not worth the extra $1 an hour, I'll tell you that much! Plus, I'd rather take care of labor patient instead of worrying about staffing, etc. But, this weekend we had two co-workers deliver. Nice vag deliveries and healthy moms and babies. And 2 more nurses who have been trying for quite some time found out they are pregnant. There are so many people pregnant at work right now, it's crazy. Luckily they are all spread out due date wise, otherwise we'd be in trouble. Right now there are 6 that I know of!
I also decided that I was done screwing with trying to rid my house of fleas that I called in the big boys at Termi.nix to fix the problem. They had the best deal and will continue to come out, for free, to make sure the darn things don't come back. Well, I guess it's not free, but it's covered under the initial fee we paid. So he came and sprayed and I haven't noticed one yet. And I've been looking. He said to give it a week, and call him if we see even one. He is now my hero! My poor kitties are shut in our garage, which is good sized, for a couple days until I can get them treated again. I have to get the stuff today and I want to give it 24 hours to make sure it's in their system to kill any fleas on them. They're going to be so mad at me. But, I've got moist cat food, which they don't get except as a treat, that I'm giving them once a day, and Husband went out this a.m. before work to give them attention and I'll do the same later. My cat is still pouting, but she'll be happier once she's flea free.
This weekend Toyland opens at Fa.rm & Fl.eet this Saturday. I discovered this a couple years ago and they have the best deals on toys, especially if you can drag yourself out of bed at 6a.m. They have quite a variety on toys, and good deals of Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and cards. I'm going to try to make it, although I'm SO not a morning person.

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