July 25, 2008

The return of the aura

I knew it was coming. I was due. The migraine and aura has returned. This past week I've been pretty stressed and I haven't gotten a lot of sleep. Yup, that combo is my trigger. This morning, I was awakened by my husband at 5:30 a.m. I had fallen asleep in the rocking chair last night, trying to get Isaiah to sleep and stay asleep. Even though I must have gotten some sleep, it wasn't good sleep, and my neck is still pretty sore. He's got a cold and I think that was what the problem was, but it sucked. I, of course, went to bed, knowing that Jacob would be up in an hour and Isaiah would probably be hungry soon, although I'm not sure exactly what time he had nursed last. This is TMI, but kinda funny: he must have latched on to the side of my breast because there is a small little hickey on the side of the arreola. Like I said, TMI. I have no memory of that, and I'm surprised because I'm sure it didn't feel good. I was that tired. But, anyway, I had a migraine this afternoon. Well, an aura with a headache. The kids were screaming, Jacob bit Clara out of nowhere, something he's never done, and that's when I noticed the blind spot. I had hoped, that I was just so frustrated I was seeing stars, but no, the electric zigzag appeared along with an annoying headache. It's been 2 months since my last one, I think, and I was hoping I wouldn't have any more. I work tonight and this weekend so I'm really hoping it goes away before I leave for work.

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Hope you fel better soon!