December 6, 2007

Work and D-day

Monday I worked and was charge RN. I actually thought (how naive) that it would be good, ince I wouldn't have to take patients (yeah, right) and the night had started out slow. We actually sent one labor nurse home on call. So, of course, the flood gates open and I end up admitting an induction. No biggie. Well, 30 miutes after I start pitocin, I have a huge decel. A 10 minute decel in the 60-70's to be exact. About the time I started to unhook her bed to take her to OR, the FHR came back up. Thank God. The last thing I wanted to do was run my pregnant butt down the hall pushing bed for a crash c-section. Plus we don't have in-house OB's or anesthesia, so it would have been ugly. I called the doc, let her know what happened and the baby again looked perfect, and luckily stayed that way all night, but we didn't restart the pitocin. Then, another patient came in, plus our second induction and I needed to call the labor nurse on call in. Nice of her, she never answered the phone. So it ends up I have two labor patients, luckily neither really active, one labor nurse has a delivery and another active labor patient and my second labor nurse has a delivery and a 21 week patient. Usually the charge nurse does "baby care" but I couldn't do it because by this time it was about 5:00 a.m. and I had to do day shift staffing, take care of my labor patients, and watch the other monitors while we had deliveries. It was nuts and hard on this ole preggo.
I'm still doing my NST's 2 times a week at work. I had to actually complain last night about how things were being handled. The last two NST's I had, my co-workers didn't do anything. Last night, I hooked myself up and the RN didnt' do an assessment, didn't ask how I was feeling and wanted to discharge me before I even had a reactive strip. She actuallly told me to unhook myself when I was done. On Monday morning, the RN said to me "I'm taking you off the monitor before I see any more contractions." Now, I know they don't do that with regular patients, but come on. I shouldn't have to do it myself. And lets remove the monitor so we don't see anything we don't want to see. It was a bit frustrating. I mean, I'm paying like every other patient and just because I work there doesn't mean I'm going to analyze my own strip and do my own assessment. I can't be the patient and the labor nurse.
We scheduled a c-section at my appointment Tuesday because the ornery boy is still not in position. So December 20th at 7:15 a.m. is D-day. Only 2 weeks. Unless of course I go into labor, water breaks or something else comes up. It seems so weird to know when he's going to be born. I wont sleep the night before because I'll be able to be nervous, as opposed to if I went into labor, then I wouldn't be thinking about being nervous because I'll be in pain. But, like I know very well, you never know what can happen when it comes to pregnancy and delivery.


AtYourCervix said...

Yeah! Dec 20th is my birthday! A great day to have a baby!!!

Jen, Rich & Joey said...

The countdown to D-Day starts, 13 days to go.

I hope you try to relax some and enjoy this last week of being pregnant. Time is gonna fly and before ya know it its gonna be the 20th.

I am so excited for you!

Laura Jane said...

Sounds like a complete nightmare shift. Sigh. I'd complain if my 'midwives' treated me in such a cavalier fashion too.

Lookin forward to hearing about you Resting, and Not Working, and Enjoying your new little one. Good luck with that.

P.S. Do you secretly hope you'll go into labour and birth vaginally even if breech?