December 17, 2007

Officially off work

3 days to go... This past weekend I was scheduled to work, but I had to bite the bullet and start my maternity leave. Saturday I was so achy and I had already felt like I had worked for 4 hours. I almost went ahead and went in because, hey, if something happens I work in L&D, but then I had to think about the patients I would be taking care of. I realized that I wouldn't be providing good care, possibly not safe care with as slow moving as I am, so I didn't work. Huge blow to my pride because for some reason most nurses feel the need to work until they are dead, and even then would request for CPR so she could get back to her patients, and I apparently am one of them. I figured no one at work really thought I'd still be pregnant (I sure showed them) at this point, so no harm done. Thankfully they weren't busy this weekend. I called and talked with one of my co-workers and she said they had a crazy woman come up by ambulance for abdominal pain. Normally we get a phone call giving us a heads up that a patient is coming, but I guess there was no phone call. The EMT's apologized and said they just found out that she was pregnant. After talking with the woman, she said she had an ultrasound last week, but she didn't have any idea of last period, EDC, etc. So they pulled up her records hoping to find out how far along she was and it turned out her ultrasound was for gallstones. She wasn't even pregnant. So they sent her back to ER. There are some crazies out there. It's scary because its those people who are likely to fake a pregnancy and take someone elses baby.

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