December 13, 2007

Days go by

Man, the days are just dragging by. Today I lined up the anesthesiologist I want to place my spinal. It seems weird that 1 week from today, I'll no longer be pregnant and I will be holding my son. Amazing, but it seems so far away at the same time. I know as soon as he's here, I'll feel like time has flown by, but the last few days of pregnancy last forever. What makes it worse is false labor. Last night I actually thought that it was going to be the day. 3 hours of regular contractions, 3-5 minutes apart, didn't feel real good and I thought were getting stronger (but was probably in my head) and kept coming after a bath and moving around. So I decided "Ok, lets make sure we have everything packed and squared away before we head in" and then...they quit. Okay, so they didn't just abruptly quit, but it sure seemed like it. Very frustrating. I know it happens because I see it all the time at work, but it really sucks because you get all jacked up thinking this is the day, and then, alas, no. Soon enough, though, soon enough.

Tonight I have to work, and after looking at our staffing earlier this week, I'm not excited in the least. We're 2 nurses short. And these days, although I'm the size of 2 nurses, I'm really only worth 1/2. (ha ha). So hopefully we aren't crazy busy. I'm sure we have a couple inductions, a scheduled c/s for the a.m. on top of anything that comes through the door. So probably a typical night. We'll see.

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