November 30, 2007

My wish list

Back a few months ago, I posted my "birth plan". Since labor nurses tend to be superstitious when it comes to things, it was really all the things I wanted to avoid. And now that I'm in the home stretch here, I've finally figured out exactly how I would like this labor and birth to go, although I'm prepared for anything to happen. Maybe when we take the kids to see Santa Claus next weekend, I'll give him my wish list.

1. I hope this baby is head down by the time labor starts on it's own after at least 38 weeks.
2. That labor progresses as nicely on it's own like it did with my first baby.
3. That I'm able to ignore the fetal monitor while I'm laboring and just be a patient.
4. I hope I deliver on the night shift (inconvenient for everyone else but me, but those are my girls ! Plus a reason to not call the in-laws while i'm laboring)
5. I want to delivery vaginally.
6. I'd like an epidural that doesn't make me completely numb to the world.
7. But most of all I want to hold my healthy baby right after he's born.

I know this seems pretty basic, like what everyone wants for a birth. Everyone wants a term healthy baby. I'm preparing myself for him to come a bit earlier just with the number of contractions I've been having. But, I could just have lots of fun contractions and still be pregnant at 40+ weeks. And if he is still breech, I'll be ok with another c-section, but hopefully he'll be in the right position for a vag birth. I just hope that there's no issue with bad heart tones, or the scary uterine rupture that scares people away from a VBAC. I'm really positive that things will go fine.


Kristina said...

I think it's great that you're envisioning your birth now, the way you'd like it (yet as you say you are open to all possibilities). I think doing so might actually will these things to be true. Good luck!

Jen, Rich & Joey said...

Its getting close to time. I'm hoping your delivery is just the way you want it and more importantly you get that healthy baby boy we're praying for.

Best wishes.