November 16, 2007

Heads Up

I had another appointment today and everything still looks good. Contractions aren't increasing in intensity or frequency, cervix is perfect, but the baby decided to sit up. That's right, we are no longer in a vertex position. I guess I never really had confirmation that he was head down, but he's definately not now. There's still time for a flip, but we'll see. I really thought I'd be able to tell if he changed positions, but I guess not. Unless things change, I'm looking at a repeat c-section. I guess I could request an external version, but from the one's I've seen, it really doesn't look like a whole lot of fun, and honestly, I guess I don't care how I deliver. Oh, I'm sure there will be days that I wish I VBAC'd, especially the first few days post-op when I'm itching like crazy from the astromorph (long lasting pain med given in the spinal) or when I'm having incisional pain, but nothing is set in stone yet. If I go into labor or come in scheduled, she will check to make sure the baby is still breech, and if he's flipped, we won't do a c-section unless I want to proceed with one. We'll see what happens. A lot could change in the next few weeks. I'm still crossing my fingers that he flips back. With as active as he is, surely he'll move again before the end of December.


Kristina said...

Hi there! I hope you don't mind a doula popping in to share some ways you could try and flip a baby. I'm sure you've heard of many like elevating your pelvic region above your fundus for a nice long while or shining a light or playing music having your partner talk to your baby low in your abdomen to encourage the baby to move toward the light/sound. You could try a chiropractor (ask about experience with Webster's technique), hypnotherapist (relaxes the mind and body), or acupuncturist (moxibuston instead of needles). Or you could try doing handstands in a swimming pool (heard great success with this technique). You could try drinking plenty of fluids to try and increase amniotic fluid levels to give baby more room to turn. Walking around on hands and feet (instead of knees). I think trying to let go of or at least accommodate any fears or tension can really help mentally as well as physically to relax you enough so the baby can turn. Finally check out for oodles of information...

Style Police said...

I'm assuming you're going out to buy moxibuston? I SAW it work today in clinic on a breech babe! We lit the sticks & all it took was 20 minutes! Amazing!

Also, why do you have to have a CF is babe is breech? Do you get a choice in the matter or will your hospital not even let you try for a vaginal birth?

What about external cephalic version? That worked a treat for me! Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I wish you best of luck with your upcoming beautiful birth.

Kristina, very good suggestions...

I tried all of those with both of my girls, who were breech. And while my 2nd definitely responded with big movements to Moxa, both girls remained breech. That's how they were comfy. :) I had a C-birth for girl #1 and birthed #2 at home (they were both Frank breech). I think sometimes our babies really do choose their means, timings, and positioning for birth. I decided early on with #2 not to fight it and told her I'd flow with however she wanted to enter this world.
That said, I also respect you for deciding that the way you birth your baby isn't the most important. To have made that decision prior to birth is so important and allows you to be at ease with the experience and outcome.