October 20, 2007

Work and the Potty

The last three nights, work has called, asking me to come in and work. I felt a little bad, but I didn't go in. I know that at times, it just gets crazy, but part of the problem this week was avoidable. We have mandatory call hours we have to take. When it started this summer, it was supposed to be a short term thing, but I doubt it goes away. We have so many 4 hour blocks on each schedule that we have to take call for, but not everyone is doing that. So those of us who do our time are still getting called when its busy to come in in addition to the call we've already taken. Of course the people who don't sign up for all the call hours don't come in on blind call in. I'm not sure how these people will be reprimanded. I mean, they can't very well fire them when we need the staff. Threatening their annual raise won't do anything because our annual raises are pathetic to begin with. I'm sure this isn't an isolated problem at my hospital, but man it sucks. I usually go in when work calls, but sometimes I just want my time off. I still work as many hours as all the other people. I just do it over 3 days instead of 4. I think they forget that sometimes. And not to use it as an excuse, but I am pregnant. I don't want to work 6 days a week.

We've been trying to potty train Clara, and man it's just not working. Jacob was easy. We just took his pull-ups away and put him in underwear. He has had manybe 5 accidents total since we did that. It was sooo easy. And people say girls are supposed to be easier. But, nothing is working with her. She'll pee most times when she sits, but still goes in her pants. We tried the same tactic we used with Jacob and she just pees/poops anyway. We tried reward, talking up getting to wear big girl underwear. I've even tried asking her to sit on the potty every 45-60 minutes. That didn't work because she gets tired of me asking and refuses to sit on the potty. I had high hopes of having her out of diapers before the little bean arrives, but I don't think it's going to happen. Sigh. Maybe she'll decide she's ready before she goes to kindergarten.

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