October 15, 2007

29 weeks

29 weeks:

27 weeks:

21 weeks:

Quite a difference 8 weeks makes! I'm really glad I decided to keep a record of my waistline progression this time. It's quite fun seeing how this little guy is growing. I really wish I had done this with my first two pregnancies. Sadly, I have very few pictures of me pregnant with Jacob and Clara, especially Jacob since he was my first. I was funny I guess about having pictures of me when I was pregnant with him. And I got really large, but I don't have a good picture of my belly. I have I think maybe 5 pictures, and I'm sitting in all of them so you don't get a good shot. To all of you pregnant ladies out there, here's my advice: Let the pictures be taken. You can't go back after it's over, and you will regret not having good pictures. Especially important: get that last belly shot at the hospital or shortly before you go.

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