November 28, 2009


When there are young children in your house, you just never know what they will do or what will come out of their mouths. This afternoon, Isaiah was sitting on my lap. Well, it's more like he's bouncing, jumping and climbing. I just happen to be sitting in the chair he's climbing on. I'm fairly certain he's long forgotten all the hours we sat in the recliner, while he happily nursed and fell asleep. He seems much too old for that now. He turns to face me, reaches out and grabs one of "The Ladies". I tell him "No, Isaiah, that's not nice". And his reply? "Football?" No, Isaiah, they are not footballs.

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Plus Size Bride said...

haa haa! My sister and niece came in the dressing room with me one time while I was trying some stuff on. I had to take my bra off for one of the items (I'm thinking it was swimsuit shopping)and my niece who was about 3 pointed and said...Aunt C had big elbows! Once we figured out what she was talking about we almost fell on the floor laughing. To this day we refer to them as "elbows".