November 30, 2009

Are you tired?

Dear well meaning coworkers,

It is not helpful nor is it ever nice to comment to me "Nurse Lochia, you look tired. Did you not sleep?" or "Are you not feeling well?". Trust me, hearing this every single weekend from the dayshift is old, but when evening shift starts saying it, it gets downright irritating. Yes, I am tired, I work 12 hour night shifts, I have 3 children, the youngest still will wake up in the middle of the night, and he thinks that 5:30am is an appropriate time to wake up for the day. I have a house, kids activities, so yes, I guess I am a bit tired. People, this is how I look. Thanks for the boost to the ole' self esteem. Grrrrr.

Thanks so much,
Nurse Lochia


Taking Heart said...

I hear that all of the time. I have learned just to stare back with no response.

I thought of you this past weekend... when I thought I would be delivering a baby... I thought of your sweet precip story and how I was about to experience the same as the doctor was in route.

Thick pea soup MSF and a head later... the shoulders did not follow... and THANK GOD for an OB in the sleep room that I was unaware of. Because nearly almost ten pounds later and a mild dystocia... we had a bouncing HUGE baby!

So... you could say that I don't think I midwifery is for me. Nope.


Jody said...

Idiots!! I feel your pain sister. I work 12hr midnight shifts too and sometimes I feel like I'm dying at 3am.

You know that feeling that you're freezing and just want to lay your head down on the counter soooo bad?

I came home today after working 4 nights over the weekend starting with Thanksgiving. Hubby wanted me to go to his doctors visit with him. I slept for 20 mins. Now I just drank Mag Citrate for my colonoscopy tommorow. So I'm Not sleeping.

LOL I look Tired? You're lucky I don't HIT you =)

Unknown said...

For real. Those comments bum me out to. Like if I go out of the house without makeup people ask if I'm sick. What self-confidence booster, eh? Let's lather on the makeup and try to "look" like we're not tired.

trooppetrie said...

i think you need to go in with bright make up so they do not see you look tired. ooh i know go to sams and buy a big thing of muffins and put them on a tray of your own and say good evening, i am having such a good day that i made everyone muffins.

Kim said...

I hate the "You looked tired. Are you OK?" comments! I know that it comes from a good place and that it is well-meaning but it ends up just making me feel like crap! On top of being tired, I now know that I look horrible. Thanks :)