November 9, 2009

Back On-Line

Can I just say I forgot how much I like new computers? After using granny hp computer, bought back in January of 2002, this brand new puppy is nice. I've heard good things about Macs, but I've always been a PC kind of gal, plus all my files are for PC. So I'm happy. I'll be happier when we can get the approximately 1000 pictures off of the old computer. I was bad and lazy and never backed up all our pictures, dating back to our wedding. The problem with the old computer was something was downloaded that corrupted our audio and visual settings, so we couldn't retrieve any music or pictures, or see the graphics clearly. Husband has a friend who works on computers and he's certain he can clean up the infection, and get our files. Thank goodness. As for preventing future problems with certain FILs downloading inappropriate and infected material on the internet, we have solved that problem with parental controls and top notch virus protection. That's right. When they come down and he wants to use the computer, he will sign in under Guest and we have it set up so he can't access those sites. Seems like it a bit backwards, doesn't it? The kids blocking sites from the parent? Crazy.

Work had been like a soap opera, seriously. I never would have guessed that there could be so much drama going on in the whole hospital, and it's all political. There is just way too much to get into in detail. There are 2 anesthesia groups in town, and one has had reign over the majority of anesthesia services in the community. The other group is significantly smaller and only provides services to Hospital. Because we will become part of a larger healthcare system in January, talks led to the smaller group getting the contract and the other long reigning group did not. I wasn't privy to why or how it happened, but because of how it went, the larger group resigned from the staff. The majority of surgeons preferred the larger group and in retaliation and loyalty to the group, they are sending patients to the other hospital so they can use their preferred anesthesia group. The thing is is that it has been nothing but pleasant dealing with the smaller group. We didn't see them much, but man, they do great epidurals, are pleasant to deal with, and treat us like professionals, plus do great epidurals. This past week since this came about, we have seen a decrease in our census. We'll see if that continues or what happens. The bad thing is, OB anyway, the other hospital isn't equipped or staffed to care for the number of OB patients we do. We work together with their unit on standing orders and lately on the new OB hemorrhage code and standing orders, and they are just swamped and can't handle the sudden influx of patients. They have 1/4 of the staff we do, only 3 labor rooms and maybe 10 postpartum rooms. There are several other drama issues going on involving a multitude of things. It's like a bad spin-off of daytime television.

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