November 2, 2009

Computer Issues

So our ancient computer is finally on it's deathbed. We bought the thing back in January 2002 and it's been a wonderful tool, but it is now time to move on. It may be a bit before I have a more functional computer so my lack of blogging is just due to lack of a good computer. It has crashed and we believe the cause was my wonderful FIL. When they come down, he uses our computer to browse the internet, ie: porn. Based on the issues we've had come up, which happened very suddenly after this weekends visit, we figure he tried to view something that our computer in it's old age couldn't handle. On top of a couple other projects needing tending to (you know, small things like new main line plumbing under the house) it may be a week or 2 before we have a new computer.


Jenna said...

Make sure and get a mac!

pinky said...

Rest in peace old computer.