December 16, 2008

A Whole Lot of Birthing Goin' On

Ask and ye shall receive, I guess. This weekend was hopping with labor patients. Started the weekend out with a 27 weeker, contracting, twins, 4th and 5th babies. Got magnesium started and it didn't touch the contractions on bit. So, got steroids on board, antibiotics, Level III hospital accepted transfer and got her out the door to a hospital with a NICU. Usually they give us updates on patients that we transfer to them, but I hadn't heard anything as of last night. Then I had 2 patients over the weekend that did not look at all like they were in labor. One was only contracting every 15 minutes, 1st baby and she wasn't uncomfortable. Just felt a bit crampy. Dilatation?: 7cm. She didn't make any fuss at all until she was crowning, but who wouldn't? The other patient came in, same thing, thought she might want an epidural, but never got uncomfortable enough to want one until her water broke at 10 cm. But, by then, she was feeling pushy and delivered her baby quickly, without tearing. She said "That wasn't so bad. It kinda burned and sucked as his head was coming out, but I feel great now". Amazing women. I also ended up in the c-section room for a nice controlled delivery, got another mom ready for a c-section. It was her first babe and he was breech. She couldn't have a spinal for health reasons so she had to have general anesthesia. She was absolutely scared to death of the surgery, of being put to sleep and most of all becoming a mother. She cried on and off until delivery. And if you know me, I am a complete mush and can cry at nothing, so it was all I could do to keep from crying with her. So I tried reassuring her that it was okay to be emotional. I also told her about my emotional-ness and how I cried after Isaiah was born. Not as I saw him, but as I waiting for him to be given back to me while I was in recovery. It was an odd time to cry and I didn't even know why I was crying because I knew he was fine. Anyway, I tried to relate to her and I think it helped her a little. Last night I went to talk to her and she was doing just fine enjoying her new baby. In between all of that, I also admitted several labor checks, took care of an induction, started 2 IV's for people who had been stuck numerous times (and I rock, I got it in!). As busy as it was, it was great to feel like a labor nurse again.


Unknown said...

I randomly found your blog, and as a birth junkie, have completely enjoyed reading your "adventures"! I have loved my l&d nurses for both children. I had to laugh at you getting the IV in when 'others couldn't'...please be at my next birth! It took 1 nurse 4 tries, the next 3 and finally the 3rd got it on the first try....for someone who faints at needles, this wasn't pleasant!

Jess said...

In the end, that is where I want to end up. Labor and Delivery. :)

I'm hoping to get accepted to RN school in the Spring of 2010. Admissions thinks I should be in Fall 2009. We'll see... I plan on trying that 2010.

I've knocked out many pre-reqs with my Health Care Administration degree... but we'll see what transfers.

Glad you felt like a L&D nurse again!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you had quite the eventful weekend!

Future OB/GYN said...

What a great weekend! Happy almost first birthday to Isaiah! Gosh, I can remember this time last year when you were getting ready for his birth. Time sure flies. Are you still breastfeeding exclusively?

Tori O. said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend. It's been almost two weeks since I went in for my induction. I was trucking right along like the women you mention until doc came in to break my water. Unfortunately, that part wasn't optional. I dilated from a 3 to a 5 in a couple of hours with little to no discomfort. Certainly no worse than what I'd been feeling all that last month. I asked for the epidural not long after she broke my water.

Most of the L&D nurse blogs I read have been commenting on the sudden rush of labor. I really love all these blogs and am seriously contemplating a career change. Good, bad, and ugly, I'd rather be doing something that affects people than the uselessness I feel in my current career path.