December 13, 2008

Labor Frustrations

I realize that lately I haven't had any good birth stories to tell. I looked back, feeling nostalgic and read some of my posts from last year and I realized that I worked back in labor a heck of a lot more then than I do now. And that frustrates me. Probably 90% of the time I go to work, I'm usually charge nurse and if I'm not charge, then I'm working post-partum. One of the other nurses I work with has been a labor nurse for many years, and prefers labor as well. I figure she's paid her dues, so she always works back there and I go to post-partum and will be the next nurse to go back if labor picks up. Don't get me wrong, I do like working with moms and babies and helping with the transition. But everyone has a preference of where they want to work. Mine is labor. I miss working with the mama's through their labor. I miss supporting them however they decide to labor. I miss witnessing those moment of absolute wonder on the new parents faces as they finally meet their baby for the first time. The one good thing about being charge, is I do get to do "baby care" at delivery. I think being labor trained, I tend to step back, and let mom enjoy her baby. The full assessment can wait. I figure if the baby is crying and pinking up, those no need to do all that jazz. But, again, I'd much rather be the one coaching mom. It was a full moon last night I believe so maybe it will be busy.


Jennifer (Niffer) said...

I totally know what you mean. I had a labor 2 nights ago for the first time in like 3 months! I had to use all my tricks to get her to complete too! she'd been stalled at 8cm for a while and as I've been known to say "I don't DO c-sections". Apparently I've still got it cause she delivered an 8#6oz baby vag with just a 1st degree, when her first was only 6#4oz. What a night!

pinky said...

It can wait? ARe you insane? Jachol has alll kiinds of shit they want you to write and document and process. These women are little more to Jacho than pieces of chocolate on the belt lucielle ball is trying to stuff in her mouth. NOthing can wait anymore! Paper work is of the utmost importance. I tell women who are pushing, wait I haven't fini8shed my paperwork and then my nurse manager will be up myass so far she can see my tonsils!!!

kidding really. I am glad you can still wait at your hospital. As you can see I am a bit burnt out on paperwork.