December 9, 2008


I'm feeling very lazy today. I think its the weather. It's cold, dark and raining (for now, it will turn to freezing rain/snow later). Here are the things I should/could be doing:

* half a dozen loads of laundry, no exaggeration there
* clean the bathrooms
* dishes
* clean kitchen
* vacuum
* dust
* clean the litter box (yuck)
* Figure out what to make for supper
* go through the kids clothes and pull out clothes that are too small
* the same in my closet
* get groceries
* finish my Christmas shopping. I'm so far behind
* make appointment for my annual exam that I'm due for this month
* buy a preggo test, not because I think I'm pregnant, but because when I do go for my annual exam and they ask when my last period was, and I tell them haven't had one since the baby, they'll look at me like I'm crazy if I don't tell them that I did check before coming in. Even though I'm still nursing and on the mini-pill. It just makes it easier. Loving that the old girl hasn't come back around yet, by the way!!

But, I think I'll just be lazy. I think I'll just play with Isaiah and let him crawl all over me. I'll play catch with him. I'll just watch Clara take care of her babies. I'll let her "do my hair and make it pretty". I'll just read Jacob a book and play Candy Land. Maybe I'll even play play-doh or cars with them. Yeah, the dishes and laundry and toilets will be there waiting for me tomorrow.


Mrs. Spit said...

Good for you. That sounds like an excellent choice for today.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather play catch and hang out with my kiddos than change the cat box too!

Anonymous said...

I never got a period on the mini-pill -- it was wonderful! Actually it took a month after stopping the pill for AF to show up! Hope you have the same luck! ;-)

pinky said...

I call that a pajama day. We have one at least once a week. We stay in our pajamas and just relax.

You are actually doing sometthing very important for your patients, you are recharging your batterys. Since you are and L&D nurse I imagine you get you a$$ kicked almost every shift. I know I do. So relax. YoU need the reprieve.

Anonymous said...

Pinky is absolutely right! Every once in a while you NEED to recharge your batteries...You definitely, do get your a$$ kicked being a L&D nurse. The Nurse Resource