December 1, 2008

5 Years

Five years ago in the early morning hours, my BIL and SIL brought their first child into the world. There was crying, tears, and the flash of a camera. But the crying was not of a newborn making her arrival known. The tears that fell from everyone's eyes were not tears of joy. The crying, the tears came because a perfect full term baby girl with a flash of dark hair was brought into the world, stillborn. Today I took some time to think about my BIL and SIL andto remember my niece who would never run with her cousins, or color on walls. But, even though today brings sadness, there is also hope. Someday, they may have another child, but as my SIL said today, that child will be blessed. He or she will have her big sister watching out for them. Their own guardian angel. Today, we remember little angel Mirabel Ozara, born December 1, 2003.


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I'm sorry for your loss. So sad :(