August 18, 2010

First day of school / 30 weeks

Today I sent Jacob AND Clara off to school. Clara has been pretty darn excited about finally getting to go to kindergarten. I'm still having a hard time believing that I have a kid in 2nd grade and in kindergarten. It's unreal. I didn't even cry. But you should have seen poor Isaiah. We saw them off on the bus then I drove down to the school to get a couple pics to make sure she got where she needed to be. As they walked into the school and we turned to leave, Isaiah started sniffling and crying these huge tears - it was one of the saddest things I've seen for awhile! He was just so sad leaving without them. I was pretty close to tears as you can imagine. So Isaiah and I went and had breakfast and played at the park. He's just fine now, playing with toys without someone trying to take them away. But he keeps asking if they are home and looking out the window. So it's pretty sweet.

As far as preggo me goes, I'm hanging in there. 30 weeks today! WooHoo! I will admit this weekend was rough. I was more crampy/tight than normal, my lower back hurt, had more pelvic pressure than normal and I started passing bits of mucus plug. All of my complaints were all pretty vague - they could mean nothing or it could be a sign something was happening. So I went in Monday to make sure everything was ok. They checked me for a UTI and I do have one. Never had any symptoms, but sometimes that happens. I will say that it wasn't a clean catch urine. They always have those wipes you're supposed to wipe off with first so you give a clean sample...well, they were out. And like I said, I'd been passing pieces of mucus, although by then they weren't bloody, so I'm not sure how accurate the sample was, but sometimes the WBC count is still high even if it wasn't a good catch. So I'm taking antibiotics, hoping it helps clear up the infection and I'll not be so crampy. Doc did another fFN swab, said my cervix still looked closed and fairly thick but it was pretty irritated. I assume just from being pregnant and working all weekend because I can assure you the last time anything was messing with my cervix was the last time she did the fFN. They called yesterday with the results: positive. Not what I was expecting at all. She didn't change anything so I'm not on bedrest, off work or getting meds at this point. She said only 16% of people with a positive fFN will go on and deliver preterm, but that I needed to be pretty tuned in to what was going on with my body and if I start contracting regular that I need to go in to L&D. Fan-freakin-tastic. The only time I want to be in L&D is as a labor nurse or when I'm having my full-term baby. Part of me keeps telling myself "oh, you'll be fine, it doesn't mean anything, you'll make it to term, no worries". If I was dilating or my cervix was pretty thin, I'd be more concerned. But there's also that part of me that is freaking out. So I'm still working as we figured work is pretty is a pretty safe place to be - my coworkers are like mother hens already, so they'll be keeping an eye on me. I may have to cut down to 8 hour shifts soon like I did with Isaiah, and I might have to not work labor from here on *sniff*. Not that I don't like post-partum, but my love is labor. But I don't need to be doing anything that could stir things up and put me into real preterm labor. Working labor and delivery is a pretty physically challenging job. But for now, we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping that the UTI is the culprit - that the antibiotics will clear the infection that's making me contract and maybe that's what irritated my cervix, got my mucus plug to start to dislodge and give a positive fFN result. Until then, I'm taking it easy, trying to stay sane and relaxed.

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Jennifer said...

You are amazing! I'm a nursing student and have a 2nd grader, a Kinder, a 3yo and an 18 mos old. Best wishes on your upcoming delivery.