August 11, 2010

29 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 18 lbs. *Sigh* So much for being on the lower end of the weight gain spectrum...especially since I started out so well.

Maternity clothes? oh, yeah!

Best moment this week: I guess it's just kinda funny, but I was helping a mom sit up for her epidural Monday a.m., and she was a mom who was really leaning on me to support her during her contractions and the epidural. After it was done, she sat up, looked at my belly and said "Oh, your baby just moved!" Yep, it's noticeable even through my scrubs!

Movement: All the time! Like I said, his bigger movements are quite obvious even to other people.

Food cravings: Still liking the cookies & cream ice cream with cool whip. But, I only have 1 scoop and I don't eat it every day, just because I don't want to get huge. Grapes have been sounding really good too. I really wanted a nice cold beer a couple days ago...oh well, soon enough, and I think it was just the idea of a cold beer on the deck that sounded nice and not the actually beer.

Labor Signs: again, no signs of labor. Still having lots of contractions, having more and more "episodes" of pretty uncomfortable contractions every 2-5 minutes lasting about 1-2 hours, but about the time I decide enough is enough and I need to maybe go have it stopped, they quit. So the ole' uterus is just cranky and letting me know she's unhappy. Oh, and the fun sciatic nerve pain has been fun. Nothing like getting up to pee at night and getting that shooting pain down your leg.

Stretchmarks? nope.

How are you feeling? Tired but not feeling too bad overall. My patience with my 3 kids is waning...I'm really trying to keep my cool. Oh, and it's in the 90's with a heat index in the 100's and has been for a couple days. Thank goodness for the a/c. My 12 hour shifts are really getting difficult. Again, I know pregnancy isn't a comfortable thing, but this pregnancy has been rough. At about 2a.m., my upper and lower back really start hurting, the cranky old girl Ms. Ute starts to get pretty irritable...but I'm managing...I will make it!

What I am looking forward to: hitting 30 weeks, school starts next week for Jacob and Clara so for about 2 months, I'll only have 1 kid at home during the week. We'll be working on potty training Isaiah during that time. I really hope it goes well, he seems to be ready and likes to go on the potty.

What I miss: Sleep, being able to do things I just can't physically do right now.

And now for your viewing pleasure, a couple belly shots:
And now for the comparison I am at 29 weeks pregnant with Isaiah. Yep, I'm gonna be HUGE!!!!!


Knitted_in_the_Womb said...

Your belly is beautiful! Don't worry about the weight gain.

For what it is my first 4 full term pregnancies I averaged 35 lbs weight gain--and I started out each pregnancy 15-35 lbs over weight. I ate healthier and healthier each pregnancy, and exercised more--particularly in my 3rd pregnancy since I'd lost 60 lbs before getting pregnant. Those pregnancies were pretty uneventful.

My 5th pregnancy was an "oops" where I conceived 2 days after starting Weight Watchers. So gosh darned it...I wasn't going to gain so much weight, KWIM? I restricted what I ate--healthy food, but I knew I wasn't eating *ENOUGH.* I only gained 15 lbs over pre-pregnancy, and was showing signs of pre-e by the end and a BP of 165/115 at one point.

Melanie said...

love the belly pics! You look great! Hang in there Momma, you're almost there :)

mitchsmom said...

You look great!!

Early pregnancy symptoms said...

Your belly looks good enough. It makes me to think that you'll have a healthy baby. Can I ask the weight gain worry's you or in case troubles you? Why worry, if things are going right way and everything is moving on so swiftly. Keep moving nicely. Good Luck!

34 weeks pregnant said...

You look great!!

37 weeks pregnant said...

love the belly pics! You look great! Hang in there Momma, you're almost there :)