April 7, 2010

11 weeks

I love comparing the size of a growing fetus to fruit. At 11 weeks, my baby apparantly is the size of a fig. I'm glad the picture includes a comparison to a quarter because I hate to admit, I've never eaten a fig or held a fig. It is amazing to me that this little person is that small, but my waistline looks much larger. Since this is my 5th ride on the pregnancy rollercoaster, I think my stomach got puffy at conception. Later this week, I'll be having the first of a series of maternity shots taken by a coworker. She is also a photographer and wants to do a pregnancy series. Here's a link to see an example of what we'll be doing, starting now on through post-partum. I don't think I can do naked...I've agreed to a strategically placed fabric or short loose cotton shorts to cover my lady bits. But, here you go, the first in the bump shots, starting at 11 weeks. Already the little bugger is taking up my lower abdomen quite nicely...but I can still wear my jeans, who cares if I need a rubberband to hold the button together!

Here's more information about those maternity pics and here. I really wish I had had maternity pictures taken with my first two kids...you can't go back once they're born and have them done. It really is a special time you will want to remember. And this is a fabulous way to commemorate that time.


Unknown said...

I'm the photographer who actually shot the maternity progression image you referenced as a sample in your post.
Here's a whole article I wrote about maternity portraits and the answers to many questions your readers might have about them.
Hopefully it may be of interest or help to someone.
Congratulations and good luck!
Dennis P Kelly

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new lil' bun in the oven! All will work out for you. You and you family is on my families paryers. Relax and try to enjoy :) (fyi I just found your blog and I really like how you are so "real" in your stories)