April 21, 2010

New Orleans, here I come!

I am up at a horrible hour, unless I've been up working. 2:00 a.m. just isn't a nice time to set your alarm for the day, especially if you hate your alarm clock anyway. But, I am catching an early flight to New Orleans. It will be a nice get-away for the next 3 days. I'm going for a work conference, but there will be a little time for some sightseeing and relaxing. I'll have 3 nights of not having to get up with a 2 year old, which will be nice, but I'll miss it. Ironic, this motherhood thing. I think it will be harder on me than the kids being gone until Saturday, but I'm sure we'll all survive. I'll get back early Saturday afternoon, just in time to relax with the kids for a couple hours before I work Sat-Sun-Mon night. That part stinks, but it will be worth it. The main thing I worry about, and it's pretty minor is the state of my house. Here's how a typical week goes for me: I have the house pretty clean and organized by the time I leave for work at 7pm Saturday. Working 12 hour shifts, there's not much time for anything else but to work, eat and sleep. By Tuesday afternoon when I wake up, my house looks like a battlefield: pajamas and a balled up wet diaper on the living room floor, sink full of dishes, pile of laundry by the stairs, cups everywhere, sippy cup with curdled milk in the toy room and just a general disarray. I spend the rest of the week tiding up just in time for Saturday night. So you can see where my concern lies. I'll be basically out of action until next Tuesday...God only knows what will be waiting! But, Husband may surprise me with a nice, clean house! One can hope! But until then, I'll be in New Orleans, learning about fetal monitoring issues and out on the town...as designated driver, but out nonetheless! See you Saturday!

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Future OB/GYN said...

Let us know how it is! I'm hoping of going down there for college.