March 3, 2010

Something I love about midnight inductions..

...Is that sometimes they are already in labor when they come in! My midnight induction the other night was a multip, and just 3 cm when she came in, but her cervix was thin and very stretchy. Hmmm, maybe I'll just take my time admitting her, and recheck her in an hour before starting pitocin. Wouldn't you know it? 6cm. WooHoo! Thirty minutes later, her water breaks, she asks for the epidural and she delivers before the end of my shift. Gotta love that! It's great to be able to admit someone and see them through to delivery. Especially someone who thought she was in for a long induction of labor. She had said she was induced last time, that it took 18+ hours and she pushed for 2. Not this time. She had less than 6 hours of labor and only pushed a couple times! She was thrilled, I was thrilled, and her doc was quite surprised when I called her for delivery but was happy she delivered so quickly and easily. Isn't spontaneous labor awesome?!?!

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Taking Heart said...

I agree! I love to start and finish the process... I love walk-in spontaneous labors (just not at 4 in the morning) and I love when an IOL that I have admitted delivers for me before I leave! Fun!