March 9, 2010

Progress Report - Pregnancy #5

I'm finally starting to actually feel pregnant. I remember feeling that way from the very early beginning with my last two pregnancies and I've been waiting to feel that way this time around. "Morning Sickness" has started in, although it isn't horrible.With Isaiah and the m/c, I was nauseated all day, everyday, with lots of vomiting. I really only feel a bit nauseated at times, more of a sour stomach feeling than anything, and it's mainly in the evenings, which works well since I go into work at 7pm. I'm still a bit crampy on and off and for a day or two I had convinced the crazy part of my brain I had symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy...that is until the nurse part of me realized it's just round ligament pain. Man, I'm annoying like that! My pants are getting snug(er) and I can't suck my stomach in as much. It's amazing how much faster you start to get puffy your 5th time around.

I'm starting to enjoy the fact that my co-workers (except for 2) don't have any idea I'm pregnant. It's almost like a little game. Because I work OB, everything has to do with pregnancy. Feeling a little sick? You must be pregnant. Feeling tired? Gassy? Heartburn? Irritable? Hot? Well, you must be pregnant. Friday night, a few people asked if we were going to have anymore, if we were trying. "Oh, someday we might have another(in October)" "Well, we aren't trying per se (the deeds already done)" Then I just laugh to myself. It's been fun. Husband thinks I should deny all the way to delivery. "No, I'm not pregnant, I'm not sure whose prenatal record that is or why my abdomen is huge". And then after the baby is born, I can say "See, I told you I wasn't pregnant!". Really, I am easily amused.
Sunday night, one nurse did call me out. She is notorious for this. I'm not sure how she does it, but she always seems to know when someone is pregnant, usually before they tell anyone. We were sitting at the desk as it was S-L-O-W and she looks at me and says "You look different, you're glowing, are you pregnant? When was your LMP?" Yep, only an OB nurse would ask "when's your LMP?" I told her, "No, I"m not pregnant" but I guess my face gave me away because she was relentless until I couldn't lie anymore. And there was another nurse and a secretary at the desk. I told them under no circumstances could they tell ANYONE because I didn't' want to tell anyone until at least my sono on the 18th, but probably not until later than that. Well see. She's not good at keeping secrets, but she understands so maybe my secret is safe for now.

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Nicole D said...

What fun! I agree, just deny it until baby is crowning. ;-)