March 2, 2010

First Status update for pregnancy #5

In an attempt to be more positive, I'm going to go ahead and start keeping a record of how things are going during this pregnancy, like I started to last time. I'm actually feeling pretty good, which of course adds to my worries...ahh, the neurotic-ness of nurselochia.

Aversions: no food aversions, but after a diet cola, it does make me just the slightest bit queasy.

Cravings: I was craving oranges, radishes and salad a few days ago...strange, I know! But it's better than craving, oh, cheeseburgers or Blizzards from Dairy Queen.

S/S: Really, I'm not having all that many symptoms, but I try to remind myself that I didn't have ANY with Jacob, outside of being tired. I am pretty tired and I've been going to bed about 2-3 hours earlier than normal, and feeling more tired at work. My energy level is definitely the major s/s. Every now and then, I feel a bit nauseated, but nothing too horrible. I am peeing all the time, but I do drink a lot in general. I was up 3 times today while I was trying to sleep, which was annoying. I noticed today that for the first time the ladies were sore, which they hadn't been. After having mastitis a few times while breastfeeding Isaiah, and having nursed for a total of 5 years, it's hard for me to really know sore breasts because really, I've had much worse. I'm pretty moody and as with my other pregnancies, smells stand out more. I've been again trying to rid my house of the "odors" that no one else seems to notice. I am also a little crampy on and off, and while I know cramping is normal in early pregnancy, it freaks the hell out of me. I don't remember being crampy with the kids, just felt "more aware of my uterus". I was crampy with the m/c, so any little cramp worries me. They are never really painful and I'm not bleeding so that's good. When I was pregnant with Clara, they asked me at my first appt if I was crampy, and I guess I did say yes, which led them to check my progesterone and put me on a supplement for the first 12 weeks. I don't know much about progesterone levels in early pregnancy, but I also thought I was 9 weeks, and was only five weeks when I went in (thanks to breastfeeding and irregular periods). So maybe that was a factor. Who knows.

Running: I'm obviously not training for a half-marathon anymore, but I am trying to keep up my exercise. I haven't been running since last week since I worked all weekend, but I plan on going tonight and doing 3-4 miles on the treadmill. But we'll see if I can drag myself out to the gym tonight.


Jess said...

Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

I felt the same way after my miscarriage with my first pregnancy. I actually had less symptoms and less nausea with my second pregnancy and all turned out well! See the beautiful result in my blog : )

Melanie said...

The beginnings of all my pregnancies went about the same way yours is going now. Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way!