December 22, 2009

Chrsitmas Letter #2

Hi y'all,

We sure all do hope this here Christmas letter finds y'all well and good. Everything is sure hunky-dory here in farm-town USA. Haven't heard much from you all over this last year, what with us being busy and stuff, so I thought I'd send out this here letter to bring you up to speed on our business.

Jacob, boy is he doing well. He got him his first buck this deer season! Daddy was sure proud of him! Well, he got his own deer when grandpappy hit it with his truck, but Jacob don't mind that none. So we's got all sorts of meat to last us this winter. Jacob's learning all sort of things in first grade. Why, just the other day I heard him say "Dang nabit" and the teacher sent a letter home saying he gave another student the "bird" and even knew what it meant! We are so proud!

Clara has been busy herself. She got into having her hair crimped and she doesn't look much different than Madonna in her early years! With the singing voice of hers, we think we may just see her on the TV some day. Boy, she was all into helping get that deer of Jacob's dressed this year. We figure she'll get her own one of these days. Again this year, we got all three of the youngin's their very own camo bib overalls and orange huntin' cap. Out of all three of 'um, she was the most excited about that get'up. She ain't hardly wanted to take it off even to sleep!

Isaiah, whoa boy, look out for that one! He's is one fiesty critter! There ain't nothing that boy can't climb or destroy! We think he's gonna be the one to climb the water tower when he's older and spray paint a love message to his woman! He's darn good at taking things apart. He pulled the Christmas tree over on the cat just this week! He spends most of the day running around with his Pamp.ers hangin' off his behind and a sippy cup of juice. I think he'd like a cup of our moonshine, but that'll have to wait a couple years!

Husband and I got lots of projects we be working on. He has 'bout 5 cars in the backyard. He says he's gonna rebuild me that T-bird I had back in school. So far, he has the frame for it, one black door, a red door and a engine from a '96 mustang. Says it might be awhile 'fore it's ready to take on the road, but I don't mind. He done bought me a new pair of bib overalls with a little pocket that's just the right size for my beer! He's done smokin' the cigarettes, and to help him quit, he bought him some Boy, nothing turns a woman on like her man holding a beer and spittin' into an empty can. For this Christmas, I done went out to the and bought a pair of them red lacy underwears that I think I'll surprise Husband with this year. He sure does like the feel of the lace on his booty! As for the house projects, we done finished putting in new plumbing. We just ran a new line of PVC from the kitchen sink out through the backyard and it dumps into the sewer line out by the street. We also turned on our Christmas lights again this year. We forgot we left them up from the year before, so it was easy. Most of the strands work. There are a few dark spots where the line burned out, but that dont matter none, there's still lights out there!

Anyways, hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas, and hope to see you soon. We got ourselves a parking lot and we can hook up your power so we can just have our own little line of campers in the yard!


jwg said...

Love it. Will there be 3...? I see book potential here.

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