March 16, 2009


* I signed up to take ACLS in May. I realized that all the cardiac stuff I learned as a critical care nurse is GONE. I knew all the cardiac drugs, what they did, when they were used in a code, and I could analyze any EKG strip. All of the labor nurses are taking ACLS so we can recover all of our general anesthesia c/s (we don't right now, just spinal recoveries) and I thought "Hey, I knew most of this stuff at one time. This won't be too bad" Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I knew the obvious rhythms and a couple others. But, basically, I'm starting from scratch.

* My children are destructive. I woke up yesterday to find that there was more wallpaper missing from the walls, and Isaiah somehow messed up the stereo we have in the living room that we use for the tv, dvd's, etc. The CD changer keeps changing and opening. Not sure how to fix it. He also scattered several movies all over the house, Clara destroyed on of the drawers on her dresser, Jacob broke on of our gates by climbing over it and 3 of the plastic bins I bought for the kids toys now have holes in them because they use them as steps. And, yes, Husband was home and watching them yesterday.

* Fate can really pile it on. A couple days ago, after waking up every frickin' 2 hours with Isaiah, fighting all day with Clara to leave Isaiah alone, an unsuccessful lunch where neither Clara or Isaiah ate much of anything, breaking up fight after fight between Jacob and Clara the moment he got home from school, I got to the point where I thought I'd loose my mind. I turned on Baby Einstein, and went to make supper. I decided to make ham and scalloped potatoes - something they all like, usually. I was still fuming and frustrated and as I tried to open the bag of dried potatoes (yes, I use the box stuff), it wouldn't open as easy as before. So instead of getting scissors, I pulled harder until the bag finally gave and potatoes flew all over my kitchen. Not a good moment for me, but I did have to laugh at myself!

*Jacob is almost 6, and growing fast. He read ME a book the other night and did really well! Man, it was so weird to have my 5 1/2 year old son read me a book!

*Clara is going to be one beautiful young lady, with an attitude! Of course, I'm biased, and I think she's beautiful now. But, I gave in and let her play "make-up" with me. I let her put on some lip gloss, powder, light pink eyeshadow and I couldn't help myself from putting just a tad of mascara on her long, black eyelashes. I also gave her little curls and we had a good time, but I looked at her and saw her as a 16 year old. Scary. Her big blue eyes, long dark black lashes and blonde hair will have all the boys knocking at our door. Oh, and she's already writing her name, knows her letters and the sounds they make and can read a few words, just from watching Jacob do homework. She's more ready for kindergarten now than Jacob was last fall already...and she has to wait another year!

Isaiah is getting closer and closer to being a toddler and not a baby anymore. He still likes "mommy time" and will snuggle to fall asleep, but he won't just let me sit and hold him anymore. He's just to busy, what with all the buttons to push on the TV, the wallpaper to tear down and cats to chase! Before I'm ready, he'll be heading off to school.


Jennifer (Niffer) said...

Yeah My holes of wallpaper are getting bigger and bigger...the other day my 4 yr old Joshua said to me...that looks like a "P" (referring to the hole in the wallpaper). We had a 65 inch TV gift from my parents that wouldn't fit in their new house... broken by the kids...I'm still pissed about that one.

My baby (18mos) is not a baby any more... he's in a toddle bed. so his soon to be here cousin could have his crib... and doing really well in it. He says cookie, balloon, car, mama, dada, papa, bye bye. and on occasion all done.:(so big so fast!

With the fighting and the not eating I hear you! I've recently decided that I don't care if they eat... what a minor thing to fight about... they won't starve... so far it's working. I used to have the rule you have to take as many bites as you are old (3 bits for a 3yra old) but sometimes that is a struggle!

I'll blog about this in the next few days, but I've started using a privilege ladder with my older two (5 1/2 and 4) they get to move up (more privileges for good behavior/chores and down for bad behavior. It's working really well. I'm an organization freak and so I went and laminated the ladders and cut out a wallet sized picture of the kiddos so they could move up the velcro rungs of the ladder so they are accountable to what level they are on.

Sounds confusing with out pictures, but I'll blog it soon, so check back.

Tomorrow will be a better day. At least that's what I tell my self

AwkwardMoments said...

Have I ever told you that I am convinved you are super mom