March 31, 2009

15 months, running, and more

Isaiah had his 15 month well-baby visit a few days ago, and he's now 22lb 8 oz, 31 inches long. I had been a bit concerned about his growth (I have to worry about something) because between 9 months and 12 months, he hadn't put on much weight, and he hadn't grown at all. Now I realize that might have been a measuring error, because, how accurate can you get when you have a wriggly baby? But he had fallen off the growth curve with height, but now he's making his way back up. He's in the 20% for weight, 50% for height and 95% for head circumference! So he's got a big head. What I don't get is how he is such a thin kid. He eats 100 times better than the other two ever did or do now. He isn't really picky about his food (yet) and can put away about as much food and Jacob and Clara can. So I'm surprised he's so thin. But, I guess he is all over the place, rarely slows down and still isn't a good sleeper. Oh, how I'd love if he'd sleep like Jacob did: he'd sleep for 1 1/2 hours in the a.m., 2 hours in the afternoon and he'd be ready for bed at 7pm, but we'd keep him up until 7:30...then he'd sleep all night. Oh well. Sleep is becoming less and less of a stranger at night. Isaiah will maybe wake up once in the night and we can get him back to sleep pretty quickly by patting his back. Sometimes, he'll actually sleep until 5:00 - 5:30, which is pretty good considering where we've been. So I am starting to believe he may actually sleep all night consisitently at some point in the future.
I've also been running a few times a week and I'm excited to say I ran 3 miles last week without stopping to walk! AND, the biggest excitement, is that it was an enjoyable run like I used to do. I was able to get lost just listening to my music, I wasn't feeling like I wsa gasping for breath or that my legs were going to die. It was pleasant. Only once, briefly, did I think "I could stop and walk now, but I think I'll just keep running through it". So I did. I'm also meeting with a co-worker on Wednesdays to run together. This is also very exciting because the last time I had a running partner was back in college. I'm also trying to eat healthier, because I have put on some weight over the last months that's settled around my waist and I hate it. And I know it's because of eating bad food and not excercising like I should. But, I'm taking steps in the right direction.
I also picked up a couple books that I read that I thought were pretty good. The first I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids. I also picked up Unbuttoned, which I thought was a great anthology of breastfeeding stories, from all angles. I plan on ordering a couple written by midwives The Blue Cotton Dress and Labor of Love. They were recommended to me by a co-worker. I guess I'm a sucker for books about motherhood and birth stories.


AwkwardMoments said...

Congrats on running. Boy, I really need to do some kind of exercise other than chasing down a active infant

pinky said...

I sympathise my son was a nonsleeper. It does get better. They grow up.