February 2, 2009


As a nurse, I really feel like I should have my stuff together when I go to the doctor. Especially when it comes to seeing the OB/GYN. Today I had my yearly routine appointment and there were a few things I needed to bring up with my doctor. I wanted to make sure I remembered to let her know that I still have migraine auras and that I had follow-up with my PCP, that way she has that on my chart since it affects the type of birth control I can use. Going along with that, I wanted to continue on the mini-pill for now, and wanted to talk about what my options are down the road. I had intended on Mirena, but had heard from some people it's okay with migraine auras and from some that it's not. The whole issue is since I have auras, I am at more risk of stroke, so my understanding is I can't take cyclical pills, or any methods that contain estrogen. But, I didn't really know because when I saw my primary care doc, he said what I was taking was fine, and at that point in time, I didn't care...I'd talk with my OBGYN in February. Well, I managed to remember to bring up the migraine auras, but when she asked if I was good with the mini-pill, I forgot to ask what other types of BC I could use down the road. It's really not a big deal because I can always make another appointment down the line to discuss it, but In my defense, I made my appointment for 8:20 this a.m., after working a 12 hours shift. This weekend I regretted that. I make most appointments on Monday a.m.s because the kids are always in school or at daycare and I don't have to worry about dragging all of them in. Or it's an appointment where I don't have to strip down to my birthday suit. But by making my gyne appointment that early, it didn't allow me time to go home and shower, like I want to do before someone is messing around down there. This is bad, and I can't believe I'm admitting this on-line, but it's been so long since I shaved my legs, that I can't remember the last time I did. Hey, I've got 3 kids! Plus, my nursing shoes are leather, and I forgot extras socks, so not only was I not freshly showered, had worked my ass off all night, I had stinky feet. I did sprinkle baby powder on them, hoping that took care of it. And I did take one of our peri bottles from work to make sure I was at least clean, ya know? Because ever since the toilet paper incident awhile back, I worry that there is some of that flimsy toilet paper stuck to me, or that I'll soon be needing to have a BM. Plus, I'm tired after work. So, I wasn't in as clear of a mind frame that I could have been in. Oh well, I reminded myself that she's probably seen worse(like people who put in tampons and forget they have them in and they get lost. True story told to me by coworkers who have worked in offices) so I try not to worry so much about that.
On a different note, I am hoping tonight at work, or after work tomorrow morning to hear from my director. I've been hearing all sorts of rumors about the weekend option program and what's being allowed and what's not. Since I started, I've been told you could or couldn't do this or that, only to hear down the road the exact opposite of what I was told initially. I have a copy of the hospital policy, but there's that statement "up to the discretion of the director", so it really doesn't tell me anything. I decided to hell with waiting to hear what's going on and listening to rumors, I e-mailed her and wanted to sit down with her and find out exactly what's expected. I don't want to jeopardize this good thing by not living up to expectations. Just an example, I was told from the beginning you have to work your weekends, and unless it's one of your 2 free weekends, and you can't have someone work for you. Well, over the last year, weekend option people have been getting people to work for them. I didn't ever do that, worried about the consequences. Until last month, I was complaining about not being able to go to a baby shower, and a charge nurse said I could get someone to work for me. So I did, for only 2 hours. But now I'm worried that will count against me. So, I'm hoping to find something out soon.


AwkwardMoments said...

good luck to you with the optional work schedule

Morgan said...

I have a friend that had that happen with a tampon and had no idea until a doctor removed it, so yeah, they've definantly seen worse!

Have you ever considered the FAM for birth control to completely avoid hormones messing with your migraine problems?

Anonymous said...

if you're interested in an iud, but are worried about mirena, why not go for the copper paragard?

Nurse Lochia said...

I haven't heard good things about copper IUDs. Everyone I know that has had one dealt with very heavy bleeding and cramping. I don't really want to deal with that

Anonymous said...

personally my problems were more hormonal. (odd i know considering it was a non-hormonal iud) i had heavy bleeding for the first period. and some cramping. but every period since then has been normal.

hormonal problems consist of hot flashes, migraines which have upped from one every couple of months, to once a month.

and slight depression

not exactly a winning combination, and i haven't heard of ANY body else dealing with that. however, BC pills made me absolutely loopy, and we got pregnant with a diaphragm... so i'm feeling this is my only option and worth muscling through whatever side effects there are.

not the best selling ad for it, however i figure you had mentioned mirena but not wanting hormones... at least that was my train of thought. lol!

Taking Heart said...

My facility just changed a lot of "rules" with our weekend option as well. They are now forcing mandatory OT for our entire unit, but us weekend option girls only get straight pay for any extra days we are forced to work until we meet forty hours...we used to get time and a half. And, if we call in sick, that counts as one of our weekends off.

I'm just waiting for the day they take away our weekend option.

Hope everything works out for you!