January 27, 2009

Free Our Breasts

At work, there is a small room called the Lactation Room. It's a place where anyone who is in the hospital can go and pump in privacy. There is a hospital grade pump available there if you have the pump kit, breastmilk storage bags and magazines to read. I found this little ditty last night. It was just typed up, no author's name, but I thought it was pretty funny. I still pump at work when I get the chance and I still intend to breastfeed for several more months. This lactation room seems to be getting more and more use lately and I'm glad to see it, if not just for the extra reading material. For awhile, I think I was the only one who went in there. Some people may think that beyond a year, Isaiah doesn't need to breast feed. Nutritionally, he's getting what he needs from whole milk and food, but the nutrients in Bmilk won't hurt him, he needs to feel that comfort and security that breastfeeding provides. When he decides he's done, then we're done. Be that tomorrow or in 6 months. There of course will be a limit for me, 2 is as long as I think I can do it. When he's talking, it will be too weird. But, at least for now, we're still going strong. I make no judgement of people who choose not to breastfeed. It's a mother's choice, but all to often, I've felt pressured to not breastfeed, or at least to not be breastfeeding still. It's too bad that in some places, society sees breastfeeding as something for the mother's enjoyment, or something that should be hidden away in bedrooms or bathrooms. Breasts are for feeding babies. That's how they should be seen, not as sexual objects. My kids see me breastfeed and both Jacob and Clara understand that that's what they are for. I don't go whipping them around and whatnot, but I don't hide the fact that I am feeding Isaiah with my body. I am discreet and always use a blanket when anyone else is around, mainly for my comfort. Women who give their babies bottles aren't forced to hide, so why should breastfeeding mamas? Plus, the World Health Organization recommends 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, and breastfeeding along with food for 2 years. Sorry, I'll get off my podium now. Enjoy!

*Sing to the tune of "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast

See our breasts, see our breasts-
Everywhere, half-naked chests.
While we nurse,
The prudish curse
And wish we'd button up our vests.
Sorry, folks, look away
If we're too decollete,
but this is what boobs are made for,
Not those Wonderbras you've paid for.
We refuse to go feed
Hunched in bathroom stalls---indeed,
We're appalled that you would make such rude requests.
Would you agree to eat
Upon a toilet seat?
See our breasts, see our breasts, free our breasts!


Cindy said...

My youngest daughter is 16 months and is still nursing about 3 times a day. While I had tons of support for breastfeeding up to 12 months we get regular negative comments now. I always mention the WHO recommendations as well but people are so judgmental. Good Luck hanging in there and doing what is best for you and your child!

AwkwardMoments said...

this is cute.

MT decided a week ago to be done. I am still poumping but he has not at all asked to nurse in 7 days. It just happened and I went with it. Didn't know what else to do

Aurelia said...

I love this song! It's hilarious!

I breastfed both of my oldest for 15 months each, and I intend on breastfeeding the new baby for at least as long, and perhaps longer, who knows...

But I am definitely going to sing this when someone bugs me about it. hehe

Curdie said...

cute song!

Anonymous said...

My first son weaned himself at around 9-10 months after I got pregnant with my second. He didn't have teeth yet. So it's weird for me to suddenly be nursing a child that looks like a 3 toothed chipmunk, who's turning 1 next month.

I'm not exactly sure how long we'll breastfeed. some days I feel done, and other days it's just the greatest thing in the world.
He's started not wanting to BF every day, he'll skip a couple of days, then suck me dry on the third.
the only person to ever "bug" me about it is my FIL. "when are you starting him on formula??"
aye aye aye.

pinky said...

People are too Damn judgemental. It is not like you are shooting up heroin for X sake! What business is it of theirs how you feed your baby. But would they say the same thing if you had a low cut dress on? NO they would not! Not to you anyhow.

Can't win. If you were sticking a bottle in the babies mouth you might hear something like "oh couldn't you breast feed?" Some Mom's who had premie babies who bent over backwards to get breast milk into their babies have heard that said to them. Too bad we could not carry electric cattle prods and when someone says something very offensive we could just zap them and leave them unconsious.

Morgan said...

Very cute song!

I try to be sensitive to the people around me, but I have no problem nursing in public on most ocassions. Nursing in a bathroom (unless it's a posh one with a sitting room and comfy chairs) is just downright dirty and icky!

Becky said...

Why do people feel like they can be derrogatory about breastfeeding older children when I see PLENTY of kids that are nearing 4 years old with bottles and/or pacifiers? Everyone does what's right for their own kids and everyone else should just mind their own business! JEESH!