November 17, 2008

What a long week

Wow, what a busy week it's been. Here's a rundown:
Sunday night, I'm in charge and I realized the night would suck when I was cursed at by a father on the phone. His teenage daughter had come in for a few issues with her pregnancy and he was ticked I wouldn't break HIPPA laws. I'm not quite sure why he couldn't just talk to his daughter, but whatever.Every other work he said was f-this, and f-that. He said "She's a F-ing minor", I then had to explain to him that even though he was her father and that she was a minor, that she was an emancipated minor and had control over her healthcare. As you can imagine, he didn't like that, and told me I better have that F-in G-damn law at the desk waiting for him when he came in. He never came in, but the night never improved.
Went to work Monday night, Husband calls to tell me our van tire is flat at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday a.m., and that he's at home. He needs me to leave work so he can change the tire and get to work because he can't do that with the kids around. Ends up I don't get to sleep Tuesday a.m. Isaiah starts puking and pooping. He started feeling better Thursday. I felt off all day Thursday. My stomach hurt a bit right above my naval and if I'd eat very much, I started feeling nauseated. The pain was like a hunger pang. I ignored it until right before I left to go into work (an extra shift I had hoped to get out of). I ate some rice and shortly after vomited. And it was bloody. Shit, that's not good. But, I go to work anyway, a bit worried, but figure I'll be fine. I get my pay stub and realize work shorted my 10 hours of pay, plus 2 hours of pay for our ed-day. Then at 1. a.m., Husband calls to warn me that Jacob and Clara are puking and pooping. Luckily, I'm able to go home because here's yet another day I will have been up all night and no sleep during the day. Clara was sleeping when I got home, but poor Jacob had it bad. About 5 a.m, I start puking and yep, it's still a bit bloody. Not like a lot of blood, but definatly blood mixed in. That continues, and I end up calling the office just to try and get an appointment and they tell me I need to go to ER. I never even considered that, and I thought it a bit premature, but whatever. My mom comes up to take me, Husband comes home from work to watch the kids and I go in. I REALLY didn't want to go because it takes sooooo long for anything in the ER if you aren't dying. I feel like absolute crap. I spend 4 hour in ER, and they never pay attention to my chief complaint of vomiting blood, they're more concerned about my abdominal pain. Here I am, trying not to dry heave, on the really comfy cot (so not) and they're offering pain meds. How 'bout an anti-emetic? They start and IV and I realize as a RN, I'm a BAD patient. They didn't use lidocaine, but I was okay with that. I recognize the nursing student from work, so it comes out that I am a RN. I try to avoid that so people dont assume I know things. But, now it's out there. So the nursing student tries my IV, and I have great veins, but she misses, hits a nerve and I swear I was about ready to come off the bed. I go ahead and let her try again, but make a suggestion as to a great vein to use. This one goes in great. They were going to draw some blood work, but instead of drawing it off the IV angiocath, they start the IV and stick me again for the labs. I wanted to make a suggestion, but a huge wave of nausea came over me. They finally give me some zofran, which doesn't work and I wait. And wait. And wait. Finally, doc comes in says labs are fine, asks about my pain, again. I then finally say my pain isnt that bad, what about the blood? He says it's benign, probably a broken blood vessel and says I can go. Then I wait 45 minutes for the RN to discharge me. She hands me my papers and prescriptions and says I can go. They prescribe me pepcid, but never said why. It wasn't until I talked with Dr. Sister that I find out I probably have either a peptic ulcer, or gastritis. Makes sense. It was probably brought on by stress, the antibiotics I'm finishing up for the mastitis, plus the ibuprofen I was taking around the clock until the antibiotics started working, on top of the massive amounts of caffeine I drink. So, I have to see my doc. This week has not been fun. And in a week, I'll be 30. But, looking back, on the day I turned 29, I started having preterm labor at 34 weeks with Isaiah, I've had a not fun c-section, poor sleep, at least 2 bouts of stomach flu, mastitis, and gastritis/ulcer. Maybe I'm ready to say good-bye to 29.

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Julieann said...

wow! I have not even had my children yet! LOL! I've had a bad week too...been pretty sick with the flu. Can't ethically go into work with the way i look and sound lol so I've been home bound for two shifts, and my pocket book is gonna miss it! We don't get shift diff with our PTO! These are the days you wish for a desk job where you can just hide behind a computer monitor allday, or in your case escape to help out the family when needed!
The joys of being a nurse are scarce sometimes!