November 20, 2008

T-3 and counting...

This week, I've been doing some crazy cleaning around the house. My 30th birthday is fast approaching on Sunday and we're having a little party Saturday. Nothing huge, but we're planning on having some adult beverages, some non-alcoholic beverages as well, and some food. I thought about inviting people from work, because I work with some cool people and partly because most of them have this idea of me as Susie Homemaker with the 3 kids. I swear they think I put on the apron strings, bake cookies, can veggies, and do art projects all day, holler at kids for listening to music that's too loud, and go to bed at 8:30pm. Okay, so I might go to bed at 8:30 given the chance. Not that there's anything wrong with being Susie Homemaker, but that's so no tme. I still know how to have a good time, I just don't have the opportunity. I thought that if co-workers came, I could put an end to that belief, but I decided that I end up hearing stuff like "Oh my God, I cant believe you did.." and so on. Plus, if they see me that way, then really its okay. The people I'm close to at work, unfortunately have to work this weekend. So it won't be a huge thing. But, still I've been cleaning like a mad woman. I've scoured the bathroom, cleaned all the upstairs bedrooms from top to bottom, I'll have all my laundry done by Saturday, and I plan to dust, mop, vacuum, and put all the clutter that seems to reproduce in my house into a box and stash it in the basement until the weekend is over. Oh, and I'll have to get all the kids toys organized and put away. My mom and dad are being brave and are taking all 3 kids overnight so we can party and not have to worry about them underfoot. God help them. I really hope Isaiah sleeps. My mom even came up yesterday to keep an eye on the kids so I could really get down and dirty to clean the house. I just finished up cleaning our computer room/back porch and I came to a realization that I should have known was coming...all the cleaning a week before people are over, worrying about making sure everything goes okay, worrying about what people think about my house...I realize I know someone else like that. Someone who hounded us a week ahead of time to clean the house, who was constantly picking up, and I'd roll my eyes and wonder why the fuss. Who might you ask? My Mom. I have officially turned into my mother.

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AwkwardMoments said...

I am sorry for the revelation. Happy 30th!

I just asked my parents to take MT so that we could clean my house top to bottom.. it was in desparate need.
I love the image your co-workers have of you. You must be doing a great job at balance then

Have a great time