January 17, 2008

What a dreary day

Today has been a typical January day - dreary, cold, windy. It's one of those days that you just want to lay around and do nothing, you know? This afternoon, all of the kids were napping and I couldn't sleep. I couldn't believe it. I'm a sleep-deprived new mom who has never had a problem napping , I manage to get all 3 kids to sleep and I can't sleep. So I got to letting my mind wander. I wonder if there are more cases of post-partum depression in the winter months, especially January, than the rest of the year? January is always a bit depressing because the holidays are over, it's cold and dreary in this part of the country and the days are short. I was feeling a bit down myself this afternoon. I think it all stems from obviously hormones, but also because I'm usually very active and on the go and I can't be. And it's driving me nuts. It has been great to be home with the kids. We managed to get Clara potty trained since Isaiah was born, which I'm pretty proud of. But I'm craving adult conversations. And my friends either work night shift and sleep during the day, or they are like most of the world and work during the day.
My mom is taking Jacob and Clara overnight tomorrow night. It'll be good for them to get out and have time devoted to just them. And obviously it'll give us a bit of a break and we'll just have the baby to tend to. Sometime we plan on taking Jacob and Clara somewhere fun and leaving Isaiah with my mom for a couple hours. There's a really cool place that opened near us that is all for kids and letting them run around wild and make messes. We'll probably tke them there.

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