January 9, 2008

Cabin Fever

I'm starting to get cabin fever already. I'm just not used to staying at home as much as I've done the last 3 weeks. Before Isaiah was born, Jacob and Clara and I would go out somewhere, whether it was just the grocery store, about every day. Now, I've only been out I think 5 times since I've been home from the hospital. It's just too cold and nasty to go out. Today, though, I'm taking the three kids over to my co-workers house to have pictures taken. She took my maternity pics which turned out great. It'll be the first time I take all three of them out. Hopefully it will go okay. It'll me nice to get out. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be home with the kids. I just wish it was nice enough to go for walks, or whatever. Before I know it, I'll be back at work. Oh well. I am very glad to not be a work right now. After talking with my coworker yesterday, it sounds like there are a lot of changes going on. All but 2 practices have had major changes with MD's switching call groups, leaving practices to start on their own (after major issues in the old practice) and one doc retired. I guess it's been like a soap opera with all the issues surrounding the changes. As long as I know who to call about a patient when I go back to work, I don't really care. The one thing that worries me is staffing. We've been taking mandatory call since last spring to cover the 3-11 shift holes. Well, now 11-7 is the shift with the holes, major staffing holes, and the call is now voluntary. Gee, I wonder why? God forbid that some of the day shift or evening shift have to work the dreaded night shift, even though us night shifters had to fill in holes on shifts we don't usually work. I understand that if you aren't used to working nights, it's difficult, but come on, a 4 hour slot here or there won't kill anyone. Maybe some experienced nurses that want to work nights will fall from the sky before I go back.

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