October 18, 2008

More random tidbits

Finally, I think we may be winning the battle against the fleas. After much $ spent, the cats are flea free and I'm not noticing fleas anymore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If they do reemerge, Terminix will be visiting us again, and again until they are gone. But, for now, I'm optimistic.

After only 1 quarter complete in kindergarten, Jacob is reading! Granted, it is only sentences and words like "I am Sam. This is Dan. Dan and Sam. Dan and Dad" but he's is reading. His handwriting is also improving and his pictures he draws for us are becoming more obvious as to what it is. Clara is also learning more of her letters and seems wants to do all the things Jacob is doing. It's just too bad she has to wait 2 years before she can go. She is again wanting to wear earrings and I'm again torn on whether or not to get her ears pierced. Part of me says, why not? But the other part says she is too young to take care of them and she doesn't understand what is involved. So I'll probably wait. Isaiah is almost 10 months old. I can hardly believe it. This week I taught him how to give High Fives. It's pretty darn cute. He's also decided to hell with pureed baby food. He likes the graduate foods and he really likes regular food. Finally, I may have a good eater!

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