April 19, 2011

Great night at work

I love when I have such a great night at work. Let me count the ways that made it such an excellent night:

1. As I walked out of the house to go to work, it decides to start raining like crazy. A serious downpour, right on to my freshly styled "do". My hair looked awful by the time I got to the van, but I figured "Hey, I'm saving a patient a trip to the OR because I'm having a bad hair day". (a superstition among my coworkers that if your hair looks good, then you'll end up in the OR with a surgical cap on your head)

2. I tripped over the monitor cables in a patient room and looked like a complete ass as I stumbled - but I didn't fall, or trip on the IV tubing so I guess you could say that was a plus.

3. Spiked a bag of fluid and the dang "spike" went through the plastic on the IV bag and lactated ringers solution started spraying me in the face. That was great fun. And let me tell you, it isn't tasty.

4. I was sitting at the desk and noticed a wet spot on my scrub top pocket. I looked at it and said to the girls there with me "What the hell? Why is my shirt wet?". Looked a bit closer and realized my left breast had leaked breastmilk through my bra, and the pocket on my shirt and I hadn't realized it. Yes, I am a dumbass. Now the irony is that we had to start supplementing Caleb because I'm not making enough milk (story for another day), and I haven't needed nursing pads for a couple months, and the left breast always made less than the right. So NOW it decides to overachieve?!? WTF!?!?

5. And finally, the best part of all? Had a patient's mother ask me how far along I was. I told her my baby was almost 7 months...7 months OUTSIDE of the womb. I knew I was still carrying 10lbs of pregnancy weight, but really? TGIT (Thank goodness it's Tuesday...the start of my "weekend")!!

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trooppetrie said...

I love your stories, especially the milk ones. I am sure it makes the ladies in labor relax a little.