January 11, 2011

Another example of my genius.

I had hoped after my example of genius last summer that my mind wouldn't be mush, as I'm not pregnant. If you've been following my mind ramblings, you'll remember my trip to the grocery store with my daughter and as I came out of the store, I couldn't find my keys...I found them in the ignition...with the van still running. Yup, it was a great moment of brilliance in my life, but I chalked it up to pregnancy brain. Well, maybe I don't have pregnancy brain now, but I'm not sure my brain is functioning at full capacity. Last night I went to work for an 8 hour shift, 11pm to 7am, and to get into the hospital after hours, without going through the E.D., you have to swipe your badge to get in. So I always have it out before I get out of the car so I'm not fumbling through my purse looking for it at night just in case there's some weird psycho waiting in the parking deck, and I put it back in my purse after getting in the building. After getting to the unit and changing in the locker room into the required hospital scrubs, I get my pockets filled with pens, hemostats, scissors, etc....all the things that I've come to *need* for my shifts. I rifle through my purse and can't find my badge. And I knew I had it because I got in the building. I look through my locker, purse again, around the locker room and this goes on for about 5 minutes and I'm thinking I'm going to have to trace my steps all the way through the hospital to find it. That is until one of my coworkers looks at me and asks "Are you looking for your badge?" to which I reply "Yes. And I know I had it because I got in the building.". She looks at me like I'm a fool and says "Um, Nurse Lochia, it's on your scrub top". Yes, my friends, I am a genius!


Claire said...

I've done that with my glasses,
they were on top of my head...
yeah embarassing

Pietrowski's of North Andover said...

Done that with glasses on my head too...not pregnant or in new mom fog. It happens to everyone!