October 21, 2010

Soon to be reunited

Dear running shoes,

Oh, how I have missed you so these last several months. I can tell you I longed for our long outings together...cruising the streets of town, running through the countryside. Oh, the times we had! We made quite the pair, you and I! What a great fit and the comfort I felt when we were together was better than any other running shoe I had ever been with. We were on a roll, spending more and more time together when suddenly we had to stop these rendezvous. I remember our last run together. I missed you, but it was more important that I grew this baby and kept him safe and sound until he was ready to live in this world. Our parting was sorrowful, but for great cause and I knew in good time we'd be together again. Our time is near! I anticipated our reunion in December, but as fate would have it, in November, we will be able to once again start our relationship anew. When we slipped out last night on a walk, those same feelings came back and my anticipation is growing. In a few weeks, we will once again become inseparable.

All my love,
Nurse Lochia

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