May 22, 2010

Little League Season Begins!

Today Jacob had his first baseball scrimmage game. I haven't been to one of his practices yet, as Husband has taken him every time, so it was fun to get to watch him play. For kids that are 6 & 7, they all did really well! I was also very proud of Jacob. Last year in football, he liked to mess around, not pay attention and didn't seem to care too much. Yeah, there was still some messing around, heck, all of them do, but he seemed to really have fun! They don't keep score or anything, they just run through the line-up and let each kid bat and then change sides, and they just played for about an hour. They also get 6 tries at hitting the ball. Jacob hit the ball every time! He's one of the smaller ones, and I think baseball may be more up his alley than football. Clara was whiny because it was sunny and hot, and Isaiah was a mudball by the time we got home, but it was pretty fun. I always enjoyed the summer baseball feeling and it's even fun watching the kids play and not being a player! I will say that it is a good thing that we get to ease into this sports/activities's going to take some juggling of schedules once we get all of the kids into their various activities, but it will be fun! I just wish I would have taken my camera to get some pics. Next time!

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pinky said...

Wow I cannot imagine having 3 young kids. My kids are 11 and 25. I have raised 2 only children. I am exhausted just reading about it.