May 11, 2010

16 weeks

16 weeks. According to, the baby is about the size of an avocado. Some days it feels like this pregnancy is crawling, but most of the time, it seems like it's going so quickly. I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but in my head it does. It's been fun so far keeping track of what's been going on - I didn't do any of this with my first two kids, and I did some with Isaiah, but just not to this extent and I didn't' take belly pics this early. It'll be a nice record since this will be my last. I'm feeling more and more certain that I am in fact feeling a little bit of movement. It's only happened a couple of times and it's very light. I would have probably missed it if I hadn't been sitting still. We finally told the kids the other night. We figured they would probably figure it out before too long, or someone would say something to them. We wanted to make sure they heard it from us. They were pretty excited for awhile, then they got off on another topic pretty quickly. Jacob and Isaiah will share a room, and right now, Jacob is pretty excited and started talking about how he wants it decorated, etc. Kids. Seems like my belly has started to pop out more in the last few days. I'm not huge (yet) but it's definitely growing. Isaiah came up to me last night, reached up, rubbed my belly and said "baby". It was pretty cure. So even he sort of gets it, although when this baby does come, it's going to rock his world. He'll be the one we really have jealousy issues with. Lately I've noticed that it's not all that comfortable sleeping on my back anymore because I can just feel the weight of my uterus in my abdomen. Oh well, I'm a side sleeper anyway. I'm still up several times a night to pee - and I have a feeling that won't ever let up. We've decided we are in fact going to want to know what this little one is. I thought a few times that we might wait, but we really aren't very patient when it comes to these things.
We'll here's the belly, at 16 weeks:

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