August 9, 2009

Festival 5K

Saturday a.m. I ran another 5K race. The day turned out to be a blazing 90+ degrees with high humidity. But, luckily that morning, it was overcast, and a cool 68 degrees. Not to worry, I wouldn't have my butt out running in temps of 90's with high humidity, pregnant or not. It went pretty well. I finished 98th overall out of 240 and placed 5th in my age division. Again, I'm not very fast, but I'm pretty happy with the results. I ran it in 29min, 33.5 secs, which I believe is just a few seconds faster than the last 5K. And the night before, we stayed with my BIL and SIL in their new house, and Isaiah didn't sleep. It was the combo I think of a house he'd never been in, he was sleeping in a small pack-n-play (which he doesn't do well in ) and he was sleeping in the same room just inches from Husband and I. He was up most of the night. Longest stretch of sleep was 1 1/2 hours. So I drug my butt out of bed to run a race nauseated because of the pregnancy and going on very little sleep. At about mile 2, I started wondering "Why, oh why did you want to do this?" But, then once I saw the kids cheering me on and I crossed the finish line, it was very satisfying. It would have been anyway, but even more so because I am 8 weeks pregnant. I plan on only one more race in two weeks, and then I'm going to retire my racing shoes for awhile. I will still run leisurely as my body/pregnancy allows, but no more competitive runs after August 22.


Super Bren said...

I think you are amazing! Thanks for sharing--very motivating.

AwkwardMoments said...

good for you!

Taking Heart said...

Awesome... great job!