June 9, 2008

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. Well, we had our anniversary, I worked Sat. night, slept all day Sunday and saw him for, oh, 2 hours before going back to work. And this afternoon, I'm going to visit my sister in her new place for 2 days. After 6 years of marriage and 3 kids, sometimes it's okay. We'll still be married next weekend. It seems like a lifetime ago that we were married. I guess it was in a way. We were young, in love, with no responsibilities but ourselves. Within these 6 years, we moved 3 times, bought our first house, bought 3 cars, and had 3 children. So you could say things have changed just a little since we were married. 6 years isn't that long in the grand scheme of things. But our relationship is much different now. For example, when we were first married, we'd call each other "Sugar" and "Hot Stuff". And I'd still get that tingle that runs through your body when we touched. Now I don't most of the time, but that's not a bad thing. Because I'm comfortable and accustomed to his hand on my waist, or in his arms. I'm also not so worried about what he think of my body. This man has seen me slender and in shape, large and 9 months pregnant, seen me push one baby out into the world and have 2 pulled out of my abdomen. The ultimate test: he's seen me in a hospital gown, walking to the bathroom postpartum, with my butt hanging out in lovely mesh underwear and a monster pad, blood dripping down my leg and colostrum wetting the front of my lovely hospital gown. I know, not a pretty picture, but he'll still look at me with a look in his eyes that lets me know he still thinks I'm "hot". We may bicker and fight. He may drive me bonkers at times. But the love we have has grown stronger and deeper since that beautiful Saturday, June 8 , 2002. Happy Anniversary (a day late) Hot Stuff!


Jessica said...

Happy anniversary! :) Hope there's many more to come!

Jen said...

Happy anniversary! My 15th is just a week away and I can't believe it's been that long. Unreal.