June 26, 2008

It must be hormones...

...because I'm feeling a bit sentimental today...

I'm thankful:

For the craziness of my in-laws because I appreciate my "normal", boring upbringing and family more.

For my parents, who are great role models and are always there when I need them.

That I have a sister I can tell everything to, and if I'm being stupid, she's not afraid to tell me, and vice versa.

That my college roommie talked me into driving an hour away from campus to party with her and her boyfriend, because that's when I met my husband.

For my husband, who puts up with my moodiness and still loves me. That he has turned into a great, loving father.

That I easily got pregnant, had normal, relatively uncomplicated pregnancies (with only minor bumps) that resulted in healthy babies.

That we had an "oops" pregnancy that gave me my daughter.

For my two scars left from childbirth - they are physical reminders of my journey to motherhood.

For my job - I get to witness one of the biggest days in a family's life and the miracle of birth. It also has the flexibility that allows me to be home with my family more than a typical M-F job.

That I was able to put aside my desire to run away and hold my then 6 month old son Jacob and pretend it wasn't happening, and stayed with my SIL who needed support for the 13 hours while she labored and delivered her 39 week stillborn daughter - that experience helped me help the families I take care of going through the same thing.

That I'm not afraid to cry with these patients.

That I get to watch Clara cover her babies and pat them to sleep, watch Jacob build his towers and tell me he's going to buy me a new car when he's a grown up, that I get to listen to Isaiah sing himself to sleep in my arms.

For the temper tantrums, the fights over eating dinner, diaper "blow-outs", night-time feedings, lack of sleep, and a messy, loud house - because one day, I will sleep uninterrupted, there won't be any tantrums and the house will be all too quiet and clean.

For random hugs and I love yous from Jacob and Clara, and the huge grin Isaiah gives me when I walk into the room.


Jessica said...

I too am thankful for the second-to-the-last-one. That tugged at my heart a little. I don't even want to think about the day that will happen...*sniff*

AwkwardMoments said...

AHh now you got me all crying!