November 8, 2007

32 week pictures

I'm not sure if there is a whole lot of different between last week and this week's pictures. Today I went to a co-workers house and had maternity pictures taken. Just seeing them on her camera file, they look pretty good. I'm not good at having to smilr for the camera. I end up feeling fake and silly. I'm better focusing on something else, or being caught in action, but even the one's where I'm looking at the camera aren't too bad. She got a couple really good one's with Clara hugging my belly. Jacob was too busy playing with her toy tractors to be interested, but she got one with him looking up at me laughing and all you see is him and my belly.
Everything was fine yesterday at my appointment. Little booger cooperated great for the NST, and I only had 2 contractions during the 20 minutes. Cervix exactly like it should be, long, thick and closed. The doc said that if they continue, they become painful, or don't go away with rest adn water, then she'll do a fetal fibronectin test (a cervical/vaginal swab to check for the presence of fetal fibronectin, a substance that acts like glue to hold the fetal membranes to the uterine lining. It is high in the first part of pregnancy, and in the last couple weeks before delivery. A positive test for it means you are at risk for delivering in the next couple weeks). She also said she would probably restrict me to 8 hour shifts if after this weekend my NST shows my uterus contracting every 2-3 minutes again. Things have been pretty quite yesterday and today, so I'm crossing my fingers my uterus cooperates this weekend.

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