July 17, 2007

The outlaws strike again

My oldest turned 4 last Friday. It's amazing how quickly the time goes. Everyone tells you that, but I didn't really get it until he was born. It doesn't seem like he should be 4 already. We got him a little bike and man he loves that thing. We had family down this weekend for cake and ice cream for his b-day. This of course involves my out-laws coming into town, not just for a day, but for the whole flippin weekend. All day Saturday they were at their finest. MIL drunk, acting stupid and wanting the kids' constant attention. I suggested cake and she immediately said "how bout we go watch a movie". It goes on all day like that. Unbelievable. She also pushed my kids faces into the ice cream and cake and encouraged them to act like dogs by eating with their faces in their plates. I had finally gotten them to stop doing stuff like this, seriously just last week. I could go on and on about her classy behavior, but I'll restrain myself. My FIL, also just as classy with his Modelo beer in his hand at all hour of the day, told my daughter "you're too young for beer yet, but we'll talk when you're 12". Yeah, I catch anyone giving my kids alcohol, they will wish they hadn't. As a side note, my husband and BIL had kegs of beer at their 8th grade graduation parties that they were allowed to drink from. They allow my kids to do a lot of things they aren't allowed to do usually. They just dont get it that when they act like that, it makes my and my husbands job harder. Some things, fine, let them have an extra cookie or whatever, but when it comes to behavior issues, it's unacceptable. "Meema" and "Boompa" (names they picked out themselves) wonder why we dont allow the kids to stay with them overnight like they do with my parents. Gee, I wonder. I try to hold my tongue to avoid problems b/c they are my husbands parents, but one of these days I wont be able to, either I'll lose all restraint or if it's a matter of safety.
Anyway, work this weekend wasn't too bad. During a weak moment, I agreed to work extra last night. Had a twin delivery. It was her 5 and 6th kids. All others were vaginal deliveries. The first twin delivered very easily, but the 2nd decided to come down back first. The doc didn't really try very hard to turn the baby either. So we went back for her first c-section. At least she delivered the first baby with an intact perineum.
I also think I might have felt the little bean move, but it's so hard to tell this early if its the baby or gas. It's funny how you can't wait for each pregnancy milestone, but eventually you tire of them. While I'm dying to feel movement, I know at the end of the pregnancy there will be a time when I'm trying to sleep and the bean won't quit moving, and it will do head-butts with my bladder to see if he/she can make me pee my pants. A couple coworkers offered to play with the sono to see if we could see boy or girl parts like we did with my daughter, but I had the strength to say no. So maybe I can wait until delivery day. We'll see.

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