May 23, 2013

Pre-K graduation

Today my 3rd child, the first of my kids that I talked about on the web, is graduating pre-k today. I've slowed down significantly in the amount of time I actually write on this blog, not out of lack of things to say.  On the contrary, I have more opinions now than ever.  I just don't have much time to sit down and articulate those feelings because I've been busy chasing these 4 angels God has given to me to care for.  And they are a lot of work!  Between potty training, school, baseball and work...we're in constant motion.  But the fact that the first pregnancy I blogged about will be heading into kindergarten in the fall...boy, I've been talking a lot for a long time about myself!  It seems like only yesterday I was walking down the hallway to the C-section room that frigid cold December morning the day he was born.  He's come such a long way with his struggles with speech.  He's a bright kid, and now he can tell people what he knows.  He's playing t-ball this year, Husband is assistant coach, and he seems to have some athletic ability.  Of course, I'm not biased or anything.  He is a stubborn one, but he comes by that honestly.  But he's also a sweet, lovable little guy.  I was sick the last couple days with stomach flu, and it was Isaiah who made sure I had a blanket, brought me a bottle of Gatorade, and gave me a back rub.  Maybe he has a future in nursing!  Anyway, today we celebrate one of the many milestones for I-man. 


Future OB/GYN said...

Wow...I still remember commenting on your post in the days after he was born! Hard to believe I was still in middle school then. Happy Birthday Isaiah!

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Unknown said...

Dedicated to ALL the hardworking nurses in the world.

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