February 17, 2012


It's been crazy up in here, so here are some random tidbits for your enjoyment.

* I decided to try out the elliptical at the gym to give my joints a break. After 130+ laps at the indoor track (10 miles) my right leg, which was on the inside lane was a bit sore. It isn't severe pain, but more of a mild pain but the leg feels weak. It starts on the outside of my knee and runs down across to the inside of my ankle. I'm self diagnosing myself with an overuse injury of my IT band. (I actually have no idea, it just sounds good) So I'm trying to back off on the running for a bit to let it heal and decided once I do start training full on again, I need to stick to road running. The track is just too small for doing high mileage and the treadmill is out. I must run differently on the treadmill because that also irritates the outside of my right leg, or what I'm deciding is my IT band, so I tried the elliptical for the first time. I felt a little silly because it took me a minute to realize how to turn it on (you just start moving...the treadmills have an "on" button) and the moving my arms as much as the machine has you do felt odd, but I did 4 miles and felt pretty good, no trouble with my leg. This was 2 days ago. I noticed that my back was sore last night and this morning and I couldn't figure out what the deal was. Until I remembered the elliptical. Now it makes perfect sense. Yep, I'm quick.

* Clara is sick. I think could be strep throat - headache, nausea, sore throat, couch, fever. But I really don't know for sure. It's going around the school apparently. So a doc office visit is in the plans today. I hate when the kids are sick. I don't want them to be miserable, I don't want it to run rampant through the house and get everyone else sick either. I got the call from the school as I was pulling into the parking deck at work for a meeting. At least I hadn't gotten into the building.

* Caleb's new pastime is dumping glasses on the floor. The older kids just can't seem to remember that they need to keep their glasses in the kitchen. When no one is looking, Caleb sneaks over to the table, grabs a full glass of milk (it's always milk, it can never be water) and then we hear the sound of liquid hitting the rug. We thoroughly enjoy it.

* The ornery thing also shook his head at me and told me "NO!" yesterday. We've never actually heard him say the word "no" before. I had run to the bathroom as to avoid a bladder explosion and Caleb must have thought I was abandoning him. So he cried like his heart was broken. I came back, sat down on the couch and said to him "Come here". He looked at me, shook his head and hollered "NO!" at me. *sigh* I'm glad he saved that little first for me. Husband thought it was hysterical.

* I am currently knitting scarf #4. Yes, I learned to knit. I made one for myself, one for a friend and one for Clara. I have camo yarn for scarves for the boys. I'm finally doing ok at not dropping or adding stitches. Maybe in 5 years I'll be up for making something like, say, a hat, or with a pattern. Right now, I'll just finish my scarves.

* Had a girls night out with my mom friends last night. Between the 3 of us we have 13 kids. We get out maybe once a month to the local pub (which is 1 block from my house...the beauty of small towns) In the summer, we get together with the kids, and there are a couple other moms that come sometimes, they have 3 and 4 kids. Only one of the kids is over the age of 10. So when the whole group is together, you need earphones as to avoid permanent hearing loss.


Anne H said...

Thanks so much for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

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E @ Pregnancy Pool said...

Mom nights are FANTASTIC and 100% needed - did the hubby watch the kids or did you guys get a sitter?

I have had trouble getting a sitter beyond using the husband's mom...I think it is a trust thing

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What do you mean? You need a recomandation to get a sitter nowadays?