September 24, 2011


Early this past summer, I was on my way home from work, and it was probably around 7:30am or so. I noticed a line of corn knocked over, like a car had veered off the road into the field. Sure enough, as I got further on, there were a couple emergency vehicles and an SUV in this little valley between cornfields. I figured someone lost control over their car, and went off the road. Since the SUV was upright and appeared undamaged, the lights weren't flasing on the emergency vehicles, and no one appeared to be moving too quickly, I assumed everyone was just fine. Turns out a mother and nurse was on her way to work that morning, had a heart attack and had died there in the field. That straight line where her SUV went through the corn is still very visible. Someone placed a cross at the place where she entered the field. Every day I drive home, I see that path and I wonder if her family drives that direction. How painful of a reminder that path through the corn must be. As harvest season is upon us, I wonder, when the farmer harvests that field, will it be a relief to see that sad reminder of her last few moments? Or will it be painful, to see that the scar left on the field is gone, even though the scar on their hearts left by her absence remains?

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