May 3, 2011

What I've learned (so far) as a Mom O'Four

I know I have just started up the mountain of learning that lies ahead of me as a Mom of 4 kids. I can't even fathom what the next years will bring: 4 teenagers, 4 kids in activities, 3 boys to eat me out of house and home, 1 daughter's hormones to drive us all crazy, etc. I'm sure some of you experience moms of 4 (or more) will laugh at my naivete. But so far, here is what I learned about being a Mom of 4 kids, 7 years old and younger:

The house will never be clean so long as the kids are living at home. Unless we win the lottery and I can afford to hire a nanny, a few maids, a cook, landscaper and even then, it probably still wont be clean.

The dirty laundry is like a rabbit - it reproduces all the time and produces too many offspring to control.

As soon as I fold the last load of laundry, everyone will go to bed and you are left with the towels and dirty clothes for 6 people...that alone makes up a load of laundry.

Until the kids are older, I will have either drool, spit-up, snot or dried boogers on my clothes (this WILL end when they're older, right? right??)

A baby carrier is a must, and I'm not talking a carseat or stroller, I mean a baby-wearing carrier, sling or wrap. You need your hands free to chase after the older kids, and hold onto the 3 year old who wants to climb the paper towel display at Wal-mart.

Hide the markers. Otherwise you'll find a mural on the wall...or when you leave the room to go to the bathroom, when you return, the baby will have a green mustache.

If 2 kids are playing baseball/softball, there will be a night when they each have a the same two different towns. And that will be the night that Husband works too late to make it home.

Don't leave shaving cream out. Or glue. Or baby powder.

No matter how stressful the day is, nothing can beat these things: a tickle match in the living room with the kids. Watching them sing at the school spring concert. Getting beautiful works of art made with crayons(on paper). A big hug from each kid. Snuggling with a sleeping baby with the 3 big kids up close to you. A big opened-mouth baby grin and giggle. Hearing "I missed you so much" after a long night at work or "I love you" as they run off to play.


fuzzy said...

I disagree. I had 4 children and a clean house, and I worked full time. It's possible, you just have to want it and get up and do it. Whinging about how it isn't happening doesn't work. And a child as young as three can wash dishes--well--and a four year old can sort, load and fold laundry.

There's no good reason for a three year old child to be rampaging thru Walmart. Teach them manners. It is kinder to them and the rest of the world.

Kids REALLY don't need organized sports. It's a money sink. Time too.

Melanie said...

Ya, WOW, someone is full of themselves. Really though, good for you fuzzy and if you are that under control...seriously the rest of us could use a book.

I have 3 of them, soon to be four and they will all be aged 4 and under. I loved this post!!! It is exactly what I deal with every day haha but I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Pale said...

I have the same as you ... a girl and three boys (my baby will be one next month). I so hear you on the laundry. Twice in the last two months we've had to go out of town. I don't actually mind laundry (it's part multi-tasker chore, which is nice) ... but DANG ... those weekends away made rediculously hard to catch up. And the crayons on the wall ... #3 who is otherwise well behaved (all my kids are) ... he went through a little wall art phase (a first around here -- I'd heard people talk about it, but never experienced it) that I think was his way of commenting on the new addition. Washable markers? Not entirely Washable. >:( Any idea how to take crayon off of wood bannister?

I was just asking another new mom of four how she was getting on with having four. Going from one to two was a piece of cake. From Two to three, not especially difficult (I had a five year break in there, which helps). But as I said, the baby is almost one and still don't feel like I've found my groove yet.

I think my least favorite thing about it so far is some people's reactions to how many kids we have.

Becky said...

I also have 4 ages 7 and under, but they are all boys. YIKES! I know that for now I have to yell at them to eat, but the day will come soon when I'm begging them to STOP EATING!

One other thing I had to learn is to not get attached to ANYTHING in the house because chances are, it will be broken or gone completely by the time I get home.

Nurse Lochia said...

ok fuzzy, lighten up. It's just for laughs, ok? Holy cow, people get so defensive. I don't really let my children run rampant through Wal-Mart, or any public place for that matter. Like I said in my disclaimer: I make stuff up! Geesh. They do actually have very good manners, say please and thank you, call their friends parents Mrs. or Mr. The softball and baseball? They WANTED to do it...I'm not the kind to push them into something they don't want to do. And as for a clean house, I suppose if I REALLY wanted it, then I would have it clean...but I much prefer letting the house go and spending more quality time with my children...a clean house can wait. They also have "chores" that they do, but not so many that they don't have time for free play. But I'm glad there are moms like you out there that are perfect and feel the need to let us know how we are failing in our parenting. That's what we need more of, instead of laughing at the hilarity that is motherhood, and supporting one another, let's bring others down. That's a good example for children.

Nurse Lochia said...

oh, and just in case someone really thinks that the baby ended up with marker on his face, again, I was taking liberties and trying to be funny. Guess I failed, eh?

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Nicole @ OrWhateverYouDo said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm a mom to four boys, all 7 and under, and every one rang true. So glad I found your blog again. I've been neglecting my google reader!