September 3, 2010

32 Weeks

It's been pretty busy around here lately. We're trying to get everything set and ready for baby boy's arrival. Yeah, yeah, I'm only 32 weeks, but these last weeks are going to just fly by and before I know it, I'll be holding this sweet little baby that is kicking me in the bladder at the moment! This past weekend I realized that perhaps I need to slow down even a bit more. I worked 3 twelve hour shifts in a row. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I always work 2 12's on Sat and Sun, and then an 8 hour on Monday. Work called Monday and asked if I would take call from 7p-11p. Sure, I said. I figured "hey, I work anyway, what's 4 more hours". Of course, they called me in at 6:30 so I worked a full 12 hours...and boy was I hurting Tuesday morning. My ankles looked like someone wrapped them in marshmallows, my back hurt, my uterus was pissed as all hell, I was tired and looked like someone beat me. Looking back, that extra 4 hours wasn't a smart decision. So no more of that for me! What made it worse was Tuesday am, Jacob had a doc appointment, so I couldn't go home and go right to bed. I got home at about 9:30, in bed at 9:45 but had to get up at 1:30 for my Doc appointment at 2:45. So not much sleep. BP was up 30 points, 6lb weight gain in 2 weeks (ouch) ankles were still swollen, but everything looks pretty good now. I've been taking it as easy as I can with 3 kids and I can now see my ankle bones a little. Other than that, I'm feeling ok. Baby boy is moving all over, measuring right on track and my cervix is still nice and thick.

Other than that, we're keeping busy at home and work. Seems like there are pregnant women due this fall everywhere! Good for business and job security. Jacob is in the middle of flag football so we have practices and games to go to. We also had Isaiah evaluated for his speech. He understands everything we say, he just doesn't talk much. After his evaluation, they said he's fine developmentally, except in expressive speech. With that, he's at an 18 month level and he's 2.5 yrs. So we will be starting speech therapy once a week here soon. One good thing is those sessions will be here at our house, but they also recommend that any kid in speech therapy go to group speech once a week. That will be on Monday a.m. and we have to take him to that. So we're going to be running constantly...right about the time we bring a newborn home. Oh well, that's what happens with kids. I wouldn't have the luxury of just staying home anyway, with all the kids activities. I plan on getting a wrap or sling to carry baby boy around in, so I can at least have my hands free, plus I figure that will be easier than pushing a stroller. We're busy, but we're hanging in there. It will most definitely make these last 8 weeks fly by!


Johanna S said...

First, congrats on 32 weeks! It's great to see baby boy is staying put despite your uterus complaining!

As for early intervention, it has been great for us and has helped my daughter a great deal. She had an expressive language delay as well. The in-home visit lasts about an hour. The important thing is for you and dad to use the tips you are given. It basically comes down to lots of repetition and narration. Tell him what you are doing as you do it ("I am putting your shirt on. We are changing your diaper now.") If he says one word at a time or short phrases, speak that way to him. Example: don't say "do you want milk or water?" Say "milk or water?" As he is able to construct longer sentences, you begin using longer sentences when you talk to him.

I hope these tips are of help. And, I hope he enjoys playgroup! Is it kids only or parent and child? It will be great for him to hang out with kids his age!

Melanie said...

Moby wraps are amazing! I loved my wrap and now the sling for my youngest. She loved the wrap too. When she was a newborn, almost as soon as I put her in the wrap, she conked out! Congrats on 32 wks, very exciting!

Katie said...

Congratulations on getting to the homestretch! I agree, it seems there are lots of pregnant ladies about to pop.

You look great! Take it easy in these final weeks.

kriznizzel said...

Great blog, I just found it. It's great when you get to the last few weeks and can count down. Good luck ;)

kriznizzel said...
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